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Crayfish On Our Plates for A Bluer Tahoe? Yum!

Submitted on 08/09/2012 | by

Crayfish to Eat and to Clean the Water in Lake Tahoe

If you've been to a buffet in South Lake Tahoe recently you may have noticed a new item on the menu - crayfish! To those of us in Northern California and Nevada crayfish is not a usual dish served up in restaurants but it is actually a regular delicacy in the South.

Time to Hit the Links - The Best Golf in Lake Tahoe

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Best Golf in Lake Tahoe

Summertime is in full swing with gorgeous weather, great outdoor activities and inviting rolling greens. But now that August has officially started it's time for Lake Tahoe travelers to make the most of the season before the snow starts to fall again. One of the best things to do in Lake Tahoe in the summer months is to spend time at the best golf courses in the area, so hurry now before those rolling greens become rolling whites!

Bike it, Baby! With The Best Mountain Biking in Lake Tahoe

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The Best Mountain Biking in Lake Tahoe

August is almost here, which means Lake Tahoe is in the final stages of all that warm and beautiful summer weather. It's time to take advantage of all of the great trails before it's time to break out the skis and hit the same places when they become snowy slopes. Don't miss your chance to go hiking and mountain biking on these parts while you still have the chance, and we know of all the best places to do it!

The Lake Tahoe Olympic Bid

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The Lake Tahoe Olympic Bid

With the 2012 Olympics just starting this week the buzz about all things related to these prestigious international games has grown to an audible roar. Keep an eye out and you will even see our favorite travel destination (Lake Tahoe!) mentioned in the midst of it all.

Ending July in Lake Tahoe with a Bang... Of the Drum.

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Lake Tahoe Summer Music Festival and Yoga

Is there anything better than sippin' a cold one on the shores of Lake Tahoe with good music and the people you love on a summer's evening? You don't even have to love them, the beer and music is usually enough to keep us happy! Lake Tahoe has great summer concerts to enjoy while the days are still warm and the grass is still green, so once you're done with your days of water-sports, hiking and horseback riding, don't spend the night sore and sulking in your hotel room! There is music to be enjoyed, and a drink or two is good for all those sore muscles - as is a good dance song! 

Best Coffee in Lake Tahoe | Where To Get Coffee in Lake Tahoe

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Best Coffee in Lake Tahoe

Wake up and smell the best coffee in Lake Tahoe! The comforting aromas of this beverage will float to you, the smooth flavor will make your taste buds want to dance, and the cozy, welcoming atmosphere of these Lake Tahoe coffee shops will give you the perfect environment for working or connecting with friends.

 Here's our roundup of amazing places to get your cup of joe.

Best Desserts in Lake Tahoe | Where To Get Dessert in Lake Tahoe

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Best Desserts in Lake Tahoe

When your incredible sugar craving strikes, it’s time to feast on the best desserts in Lake Tahoe. Sweet tooth owners tend to like it all - cake, candy, ice cream and other sugary treats. After you've eaten your main meal at restaurants in Lake Tahoe, celebrate with a sweet finish and make your way to the best places to get dessert in Lake Tahoe.

Best Brunch Spots in South Lake Tahoe | Where To Eat in South Lake Tahoe

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Best Brunch Spots in South Lake Tahoe

With all the active and outdoorsy activities you’ll be participating in while you’re vacationing in Lake Tahoe, chances are good you’re going to develop a serious rumbling in your belly - and that’s where the best brunch spots in South Lake Tahoe come to the rescue.

Upcoming Lake Tahoe Concerts | Music in Lake Tahoe!

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Lake Tahoe Concerts

Lake Tahoe concerts have plenty of treats in store for music-loving audiences. Music shows in Lake Tahoe are the perfect entertainment after your day outdoors. Check out our Lake Tahoe concert schedule below.

Parent's Night Out in Lake Tahoe's Incline Village

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Parent's Night Out in Incline Village

Date night is here for hardworking and loving parents! This Friday, June 8, moms and dads hankering for a wondrous date night will have their wish granted. Parents will enjoy peace of mind that their little ones are having tons of fun at Incline Village Recreation Center.