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What Are the Best Things to Do in Spring in Lake Tahoe?

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What Are the Best Things to Do in Spring in Lake Tahoe

Although we do say goodbye to winter with a heavy heart, it only means that spring is upon us and with it comes one of our favorite times in Lake Tahoe! Spring activities in Lake Tahoe are second to none, and take advantage of the quieter season before the hoards of tourists start the great migration to the Lake.

Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Closing Dates 2014 - Last Chance to Hit the Slopes!

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Lake Tahoe Ski Resort Closing Dates 2014

As this winter 2013 - 2014 slowly comes to an end everyone lookings towards the sky in hope of another last minute snow storm, and this year Mother Nature has granted it to us! Last week’s snow storm brought up to 5ft in higher elevations, leaving the slopes with fresh powder dumped on the ski resorts and perfect snow conditions for spring skiing.  That's the good news!  The not so good news is it's the time of year we are start asking "what are the closiong dates for the skit resorts?" But first...

Huge Storm Brings in New Snow - Best Skiing/Snowboarding of the Season!

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Huge Storm Brings in New Snow

Spring skiing and boarding offers sunny days and, thanks to this current storm, incredible powder and perfect conditions. Most ski resorts are open through mid - April, with some staying open until the beginning of May. Mother Nature is granting us our wish, and with snow piling up as we speak this weekend is looking pretty promising for spring skiing and snowboarding. For current weather reports visit Lake Tahoe weather

Interesting Facts, Statistics and Myths About Lake Tahoe

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Facts about Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of those places that have accrued a long list of urban legends, interesting facts, and of course, spooky stories… from the legend of Tahoe Tessie to the morbid tale of the Donners, Lake Tahoe has had some interesting labels in the past. Read on to find out interesting facts about Lake Tahoe, and get to the bottom of this mysterious lake.

Facts about Lake Tahoe

1.) Where is Lake Tahoe?

Fishing for Some Fun? Check Out Mile High Fishing and Lodging for an Exciting Fishing Trip in Tahoe

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Mile Fishing and Lodging Fishing Trip in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is around 1,645 ft deep, making it the largest alpine lake in the United States. And with that much volume, just imagine how many fish are swimming in that water! If you’re looking to try your luck at catching one of the many Tahoe fish, Mile High Fishing & Lodging is the place to go to reel in a big one.

How to Get Around Lake Tahoe - Vacation Transportation Guide

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Transportation Guide for a Tahoe vacation

So you made it to the mountains - now it’s time to get out and explore the wonders of beautiful Lake Tahoe. Whether you are in town for the world class skiing, the breathtaking scenery, or just to let of a little steam and enjoy a few days away from the rest of the world, Lake Tahoe sure does boast incredible activities. Make the trip hassle-free and figure out the transportation logistics beforehand. We’ve come up with a guide to how to get abound in Lake Tahoe, airport transportation, helpful hints when driving in the snow.

Winter Activities in Lake Tahoe 2014 - What to Do in Lake Tahoe this Winter

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Winter Activities in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe in the winter is magical - and with a snowstorm on the forecast (see our weather page), this weekend will be bringing the winter glow back to Lake Tahoe. Not only does snow make the basin sparkle with the beauty of shimmering icicles and fresh powder, it also brings a whole list of incredible things to do! Grab the sleds, strap on the skis, and make a snow angel, because winter in Lake Tahoe is the best.

What are the best family friendly hotels in Lake Tahoe?

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family friendly hotels in Lake Tahoe

Everyone knows that Lake Tahoe is an awesome place to take the kids - with unbeatable outdoor activities and fun things to do, so grab the kids and enjoy a trip to Tahoe with the whole gang! There is a plethora of family friendly hotels in Lake Tahoe, and sometimes it’s impossible to tell which is a shining star, and which will have you saying ‘I wish we had just camped… even if it is snowing’. Sift through the possible hotel regrets and enjoy these ideas for top kid friendly hotels!

So...which hotels in Lake Tahoe are kid friendly?


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February 7, 2014 9:00am PST – The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for the Greater Lake Tahoe Area in effect through noon on Saturday 2/08/2014 and a Winter Storm Watch in effect late Saturday through late Sunday 2/09/2014.

Where Are the Best Places to Stop While Driving Around Lake Tahoe?

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Driving Around Lake Tahoe

Grab the picnic basket and hop in the car this winter while vacationing in Lake Tahoe and take a nice leisurely drive around the Lake. While it seems counter intuitive to sit in the car after a long trip to Lake Tahoe, driving around Lake Tahoe is one of those things you can’t miss. Grab the whole family and pile in the rental and enjoy incredible views, breathtaking nature, and all the cute towns in between stopping spots.