Clair Tappaan Lodge

Truckee / Donner


19940 Donner Pass Road
Norden, CA
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Clair Tappaan Lodge Lake Tahoe Inn Provides Affordable Communal Lodging.

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Clair Tappaan Lodge

Clair Tappaan Lodge Norden CA Clair Tappaan Lodge Norden California Clair Tappaan Lodge Lake Tahoe CA Clair Tappaan Lodge Lake Tahoe California

Clair Tappaan Lodge

Features: Clair Tappaan Lodge Lake Tahoe Inn offers communal lodging in the forests of central Sierra Nevada.  Guests who stay at Clair Tappaan Lodge Tahoe Inn can enjoy nearby skiing, hiking, and climbing. 

Why We Stay: Clair Tappaan Lodge Tahoe Inn allows guests to enjoy year-round recreation in a beautiful setting. 

  • The Ambiance: The rustic charm of Clair Tappaan Lodge Donner Pass will captivate you as soon as you enter.  The huge fireplace in the living room invites guests to linger and enjoy wonderful conversations with each other.
  • The Location: Clair Tappaan Lodge Norden CA is conveniently located near miles of hiking trails.  There are fishing streams, meadows, peaks, and lakes to be discovered.  Guests can enjoy road and mountain biking as well as rock climbing at Donners Summit.
  • The Community: Guests at Clair Tappaan Lake Tahoe Inn love being able to interact and connect with fellow travelers.  Family style meals are served for breakfast and dinner, so that guests can get to know each other while dining on the complimentary food.

Inside Knowledge: Clair Tappaan Lodge Donner Pass was built in 1934 by Sierra Club volunteers.  It was made to be a home base for skiers, hikers, and mountain climbers.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do A Daily Chore: Each day of your stay, guests are expected to assist with a chore at Clair Tappaan Lodge Lake Tahoe Inn.  This can be setting the table for meals, helping with preparing the meals, serving the meals, or washing dishes.  The chores at Clair Tappaan Lodge Tahoe Inn generally take half an hour each day.
  • Do Eat Well: Guests will have all their meals taken care of by Clair Tappaan Lodge Tahoe Inn.  Hearty breakfasts and dinners are served in the communal dining room.  For lunch, guests are provided with brown bag lunches that they can take with them on their outings.
  • Don't Forget Your Bathing Suit: Clair Tappaan Lodge Tahoe Inn features a hot tub for guests' enjoyment.  You'll also want to bring your own towels, both for the hot tub as well as your showers in Clair Tappaan Lodge Tahoe Inn's restroom facilities.
  • Don't Smoke: No smoking is allowed inside the Clair Tappaan Lodge Lake Tahoe Inn or outside on the surrounding trails.  Clair Tappaan Lodge Lake Tahoe Inn is made of wood and shingles, and this policy ensures the safety of all guests.

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