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Ending July in Lake Tahoe with a Bang... Of the Drum.

Submitted on: 7/17/12 | by Lizz Riggs
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Is there anything better than sippin' a cold one on the shores of Lake Tahoe with good music and the people you love on a summer's evening? You don't even have to love them, the beer and music is usually enough to keep us happy! Lake Tahoe has great summer concerts to enjoy while the days are still warm and the grass is still green, so once you're done with your days of water-sports, hiking and horseback riding, don't spend the night sore and sulking in your hotel room! There is music to be enjoyed, and a drink or two is good for all those sore muscles - as is a good dance song! 

Here are some of the concerts and festivals that are going to end July with a bang, make your vacation even better than all the ones before and bring in August 2012 in Lake Tahoe the right way. Some of them are the local wonders, some are the biggest names in music right now, but all are probably worth it. Or at least way better than lounging in your hotel. You can do that when you get home, you can't see all these concerts in Lake Tahoe from there though!

Maroon 5
That lady killer Adam Levine and his posse are gracing Lake Tahoe, so keep an eye on your wives fellas, because you never know what a girl will do with the chance to get her paws on this one. They'll be playing at the Harveys Outdoor Arena on Saturday, July 21, 2012, so brush up on your 'moves like Jagger' and prepare for a great show. 

Only one night later, you could probably stand to make another short, wait for it... journey back over to Harveys to see none other than that California rockband Journey. There isn't as much delicious man candy on stage as the night before, but it is a Sunday, so this is probably the right move. You don't want to get too wild at the end of your weekend, but there's no point in having a dull night in either! We can sleep when we're dead, but we can see Journey live in Lake Tahoe on July 22!

Wanderlust Festival
"Yoga. Music. Nature." Sounds like typical Lake Tahoe partying to us. Of course if there's ever any way to mix exercise with partying, someone in Lake Tahoe will figure out how to do it, and they certainly have again! This summer festival goes from Thursday, July 26 to Sunday, July 29, and brings some of the best yoga instructors and wellness coaches in the world together with great musicians and DJs all in the beautiful and serene setting of Squaw, North Lake Tahoe. Meditation mornings, dancing under the stars at night, poolside cocktails and fresh from the farm meals. Through this festival, their mission is to teach a few of their favorite principles:

  • Practice Yoga
  • Eat Well
  • Be Green
  • Practice Purpose
  • Create Awareness
  • Showcase Art

If these are the kind of things you respect, love and want to be a part of, then there may be no better festival for you. You can find out more about the Squaw Wanderlust Festival here.

Lakeside Block Party
As far as the family friendly events in Lake Tahoe go, this may be the best of the summer! This great daytime festival is on July 27 Lakeside Inn and Casino in South Lake Tahoe. You can bring your own lawn chair and set up shop right by the stage, with live music playing from noon to 8pm. There's going to be a jumphouse, face painting booth and local vendors selling goodies for all. There definitely won't be a shortage of eatable goodies either, not with the BBQ, snowcones and refreshments (yes, including several alcoholic refreshments for the grownups on the street.) 

Brad Paisley
Yet again a concert at Harveys Outdoor Arena, but why not load up July with outdoor concerts? On Saturday, July 28, Brad Paisley is going to be roping in the crowds with his sweet country tunes. Show starts at 6:30, so if you are being a tired old grandma after you day of sports and activities, there's still plenty of time to get to bed afterwards!

Music on the Beach
This is a FREE concert series on this summer in North Lake Tahoe.  Every Friday through the end of August, different bands every weekend will put on a free 2 hour show at Kings Beach to start your weekend in Lake Tahoe off the right way. The music is free, but there is beer and wine available on site as well, so bring some cash if you're one of those who needs a few before you'll bust a move - and it's always more fun when you're one of the ones busting moves! There is also Music on the Beach Grab and Go specials available before, during and after the show from several nearby restaurants, so take advantage of those while you have the chance! 

There will be plenty of other outdoor events in Lake Tahoe through the end of the summer before the temperatures start to drop and the snow begins to fall, so enjoy this warm weather by day and by night while you still can! It doesn't hurt that some really fun things to do in Lake Tahoe are happening, and attending at least a few of these concerts and festivals while you're in the area just seems like a no-brainer! Let us know what your favorite Lake Tahoe festivals and things to do on summer evenings are by joining us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!