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Bike it, Baby! With The Best Mountain Biking in Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 7/31/12 | by Lizz Riggs
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August is almost here, which means Lake Tahoe is in the final stages of all that warm and beautiful summer weather. It's time to take advantage of all of the great trails before it's time to break out the skis and hit the same places when they become snowy slopes. Don't miss your chance to go hiking and mountain biking on these parts while you still have the chance, and we know of all the best places to do it!

Mountain biking in Lake Tahoe is great for people at all levels, and there are different trails for everyone! Almost any trail you choose will have a great view of some kind, whether it's overlooking the lake or overlooking more mountains, these views are breathtaking, and well worth the long bike to the top! You don't even have to bring your own equipment all the way to Lake Tahoe with you, because there are plenty of places to rent bikes, take lessons and enjoy guided tours to help you advance your skills. Here are our favorite mountain biking trails in Lake Tahoe!

  • Northstar Mountain Bike Park - Many beginners will benefit from the classes that are offered in mountain biking, as well as yoga and running classes. There are over 100 miles of trails, rentals and a shop to pick up some equipment of your own! They offer tons of package deals (like the opportunity to bike free with your stay) to make this experience even better. Make sure you check out their trail report which tells you when you can and can't bike or hike.
  • Powerline Trails - This trail is great for beginner/intermediate riders, with about 7 miles worth of trails for an hour or so of biking. 
  • The Bench - An intermediate course that could also be appropriate for the adventurous beginner. The Bench is one of the highest trails in Lake Tahoe, even though there is a very slight change of elevation throughout most of the course. Along this trail you'll see many hikers and horses making their way to the top with you, as there are only one or two short tricky parts, which are well worth the views you'll encounter throughout.
  • Corral Loop - This is the most popular trail in South Lake Tahoe. It's perfect for any intermediate rider, and the advanced riders will like it too! There's more than one trail so you can come here over and over for a different experience and a never challenge every time. Starting at 7,000 feet, this trail gets more technical as you climb up, with the hardest parts are at the very top. The rock gardens and adjoining trails are actually very moderate in comparison to many other nearby trails, but this loop has the added challenge of elevation changes of up to 600 feet on some trails!
  • Flume Trail - One of the most well known trails in Lake Tahoe for mountain biking, this trail is not for the light of heart! Advanced and expert riders love this at times narrow and demanding trail. Beware the summer sands that can sometimes make this trail much more difficult than normal.
  • Mr Toad's Wild Ride - These advanced trails include an uphill battle 5 miles long with several techincal downhill options as well! You'll face everything that a biker could dream of along these paths including rocks, stairs and switch backs. This trail is extremely popular because it's one of the only flowing single tracks in Lake Tahoe, and it is definitely the most fun of all tracks like this in the area. Leave your car at the bottom of Oneidas and ride to Armstrong Pass to enter the loop, but as the name suggests, get ready for a wild ride.

Make sure to check out all of these mountain biking trails and more to make the most out of your outdoor adventures in Lake Tahoe. If you didn't bring all of your mountain biking gear, there are plenty of places to rent equipment from, like Factory Bike. When you're looking for transportation to get you from your Lake Tahoe vacation rental to the trail of your choice, Wanna Ride a Bike Tours offers round-trip shuttle services at great prices. Let us know what your favorite mountain biking trails in Lake Tahoe are by joining us on Facebook, Twitter and keep following our blogs and Google+ for updates and tips on all the best things to do and places to see in Lake Tahoe!