Frequently Asked Questions about Lake Tahoe


How deep is Lake Tahoe?

The maximum depth of Lake Tahoe is 1,645 feet, but the average depth of the lake is 1,000 feet. 

How clear and clean is Lake Tahoe?

The water in Lake Tahoe is incredibly clear and it is 99.9% pure. the clarity is legendary. If you are on the surface of the water you can usually see up to 75 feet below!

What are the skiing and snowboarding conditions like in Lake Tahoe? 

There is an average snowfall at the lake level of 125 inches each year. At higher elevations (like on the slopes) the average snowfalls is 300-500 inches per year. The Lake Tahoe area has 182 ski runs and over 8,800 acres with all the local resorts combined. Heavenly boasts the longest run in Lake Tahoe at 5 1/2 miles. 

Do any of the resorts in Lake Tahoe offer night skiing?

Yes, Squaw Valley USA, Donner Ski Ranch and Boreal all offer night skiing.

 How long is the skiing/snowboarding season in Lake Tahoe?

You can expect the resorts to be open from the end of November through mid-April. It all depends on the winterand some years the resorts will open early November and stay open in May. 

What are the requirements for boating in Lake Tahoe?

To prevent pollution, there are engine requirements to boat in Lake Tahoe. Four stroke engines are allowed and two stroke engines that meet the EPA emission standards. There is also a 500 ft. no wake zone around Lake Tahoe to reduce noise pollution. 

What is the water temperature of Lake Tahoe?

Even in the summer months when it is the warmest, most people find Lake Tahoe too cold to swim in. At the surface the water can warm up to 68F, but this vast body of water generally averages around 50F on the surface for most of the year. Further down, the water temperature remains pretty constant at 39F.

Information about Lake Tahoe

  • Lake Tahoe is the highest lake of its size in the United States and the largest alpine lake in North America.
  • Lake Tahoe is as long as the English Channel is wide with the width of Tahoe being half again as wide as San Francisco Bay.
  • With one dispersion of Lake Tahoe's water, the State of California would be completely covered to a depth of 14.5 inches.
  • The Panama Canal (700 feet in width and 50 feet in depth) could be filled by Lake Tahoe's water and extend completely around the earth at the equator, with enough remaining in the lake to fill another channel of the same width and depth running from San Francisco to New York.
  • An average 1,400,000 tons of water evaporates from the surface of Lake Tahoe every 24 hours, yet this drops the lake level only one-tenth of an inch.
  • If the water that evaporates from the lake every 24 hours could be recovered, it would supply the daily requirements of a population of 3,500,000 people.
  • Lake Tahoe's water is 99.9% pure. The water is so clear that a 10 inch white dinner plate would be visible at 75 feet below the surface.
  • There are 63 tributaries draining into Lake Tahoe with only one outlet at the Truckee River.
  • Lake Tahoe never freezes due to the constant mass movement of water from the bottom to the surface. In February 1989, Emerald Bay froze over for the first time since 1952.

Things to Do Tahoe's Best Travel Info

Activity Info
South Shore (CA)

Fantastically Fun Lake Tahoe Fishing Charters

Address: 900 Ski Run Blvd Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

All Summer Rafting close to Lake Tahoe!

Address: 10068 Hirschdale Rd. Truckee, CA 96161
North Shore (NV) / Incline & Crystal Bay
Teaching You To Ride Like A Champ! Open seasonally.
Address: P.O. Box 4267 Incline Village, NV 89450

Restaurants Tahoe's Best Travel Info

Restaurant Info

Price Range:


Cascades at Squaw Creek Offers Gourmet Breakfast And Dinner Buffets

Address: 400 Squaw Creek Road Olympic Valley, CA 96146
Squaw Valley

Price Range:

Visit Mountain Pizzeria at Squaw Creek for Delicious Italian Cuisine
Address: 400 Squaw Creek Rd Olympic Valley, CA 96146
Squaw Valley

Price Range:


Six Peaks Grille at Squaw Creek Is A Lake Tahoe Favorite for Fine Dining

Address: 400 Squaw Creek Rd Olympic Valley, CA 96146