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Best Desserts in Lake Tahoe | Where To Get Dessert in Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 6/26/12 | by Tinie Tao
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When your incredible sugar craving strikes, it’s time to feast on the best desserts in Lake Tahoe. Sweet tooth owners tend to like it all - cake, candy, ice cream and other sugary treats. After you've eaten your main meal at restaurants in Lake Tahoe, celebrate with a sweet finish and make your way to the best places to get dessert in Lake Tahoe.

  • SugarPine Bakery - Small but mighty, this bakery might consist of a tiny space - but boy, oh boy, can it churn out the sweetest baked goods. The famous cinnamon bun at SugarPine Bakery looks like a miniature mountain of carbohydrates, topped with delicious frosting. Split it with a friend or eat it all yourself! Can you hear it calling your name? The chocolate croissant is a popular pick for those who see visions of the Eiffel Tower and Paris dancing around their heads. If you're in the mood for something rich, get the rocky road brownie for an explosion of chocolate, almond and marshmallow goodness in your mouth.
  • Aloha Ice Cream and Dessert Spa - This adorable ice cream shop in Lake Tahoe knows how to make ice cream that pleases sugar-crazy taste buds. It's easy to taste how fresh their ice cream is with a single chomp of this cool and creamy treat. Transport yourself to ice cream heaven with the cookie ice cream sandwich. Sandwiched between two homemade chocolate chip cookies, perfect vanilla ice cream entices the eyes as well as the mouth. This ice cream sandwich is one of the most popular treats on the menu! You can drink your dessert by getting a tasty milkshake, or stick with your choice of ice cream in a cone.
  • Tahoe City Chocolates - Who says that diamonds are a girl's best friend? As soon as you get your hands on goodies from Tahoe City Chocolates, you might just say that this practically otherworldly chocolate is a girl's best friend. Don't break a sweat trying to figure out which particular chocolates you'd like to take home with you - the totally friendly staff at this dessert shop in Lake Tahoe often hand out free samples. For those with adventurous palates, the avocado ginger chocolates are definitely worth a go. The blue agave tequila chocolates are filled with tipsy-making yumminess. Want classic chocolate flavor? Get a chocolate truffle!

Part of the fun of being in Lake Tahoe is eating at great restaurants. The main meal is one thing - and the dessert is an entirely separate category that can be explored at dedicated dessert shops. Here's an idea: you can make it an adventure, and try an amazing new dessert place every day that you're here. That's what we would do!

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