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Best Brunch Spots in South Lake Tahoe | Where To Eat in South Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 6/21/12 | by Tinie Tao
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With all the active and outdoorsy activities you’ll be participating in while you’re vacationing in Lake Tahoe, chances are good you’re going to develop a serious rumbling in your belly - and that’s where the best brunch spots in South Lake Tahoe come to the rescue.

The fun part about being hungry is that you have so many possibilities for where you can eat! A lot of things can sound good, but when it comes down to it, you really want to get solid recommendations on the top breakfast spots in Tahoe. Here’s a list of the most popular restaurants for breakfast in South Lake Tahoe:

  • Meyers Downtown Cafe - This favorite among locals is probably going to win your heart if you've been looking for the ultimate mom-and-pop breakfast spot. Meyers Downtown Cafe accepts cash only, but that extra trip to the bank to withdraw dollar bills is worth it. Expect warm hospitality from these purveyors of breakfast eats. Got an appetite on you? Do right by yourself, and get the Redneck Benedict - buttery country biscuits topped with amazing sausage patties, eggs and smooth gravy. 
  • Driftwood Cafe Breakfast and lunch have never looked as good as they do at Driftwood. Are animals your friends and not food? Never fear, Driftwood boasts vegetarian options aplenty to satisfy your conscientious palate. The Veggie Sandwich is definitely worth a go - in between two hearty slices of whole wheat bread, a mountain of carrots, zucchini, sprouts, avocado, spinach, lettuce, tomato and onion looks pretty and tastes as flavor-packed as it looks. Meat eaters don't have to shy away from this restaurant - the Giant Old-Fashioned Burger hits the spot when you're craving a juicy beef patty and all the classic fixings.
  • The Original Red Hut Cafe - We're going to go ahead and use the word "perfect" when it comes to the crispy, golden waffles at this brunch food heaven. The same goes for the pancakes - generously sized, fluffy and sweet round frisbees of goodness. The Original Red Hut Cafe opened its doors in 1959, and they're still thriving to this day because of their unwavering dedication to bring "Peace, Love, and Waffles" to every hungry guest who stops here. Check the blackboard for amazing specials that change from day to day! The best way to go easy on your wallet is ordering The Usual, a plate that comes with biscuits and gravy, hash browns and two eggs your way for a grand total of $4.99.

You might be hungry now, but you won't be hungry for long once you step foot into these great brunch restaurants. Before you go sightseeing in Lake Tahoe, you can get your fill of biscuits and gravy or made-from-scratch Belgian waffles and pancakes. You may not even have to eat another thing until dinner because you'll have eaten so well at brunch!

What do you think about our recommendations? Did these brunch spots have you gushing to everyone within earshot about your amazing meal? What's YOUR favorite brunch spot in South Lake Tahoe? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +!