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Best Coffee in Lake Tahoe | Where To Get Coffee in Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 6/28/12 | by Tinie Tao
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Wake up and smell the best coffee in Lake Tahoe! The comforting aromas of this beverage will float to you, the smooth flavor will make your taste buds want to dance, and the cozy, welcoming atmosphere of these Lake Tahoe coffee shops will give you the perfect environment for working or connecting with friends.

 Here's our roundup of amazing places to get your cup of joe.

  • Keys Cafe -  Specialty coffee and tea await you, along with choice eats. Pair your hot or iced coffee drink with a hummus sandwich, a pastrami sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich made with mozzarella fresca. The inside of this place is cozy! What's really good here? One of the most popular drinks is the vanilla chai latte. If you want to shake up your coffee drink routine, try the spiced hot chocolate for a kick of flavor.
  • Tahoe Java - Consider this the gem of Lake Tahoe coffee. The iced mocha tastes like heaven, sweet and smooth. Live it up, and have dessert first! Treat yourself to the white chocolate mint latte. The coffee simply won't taste complete without a freshly made pastry at its side. Whether you choose the banana bread, raisin bread or a bagel topped with pesto and tomato, the food at Tahoe Java definitely satisfies. Outdoor seating and free wifi are available.
  •  Jazz Kat Cafe - If you're craving something creamy, Jazz Kat Cafe serves an amazing latte. The great selection of coffee, friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere are just a few reasons that this place is so well-loved by locals. You can get your work done using free wifi here. If you're hungry, you're in luck. Those rumblings of hunger in your stomach can be quieted with a BLT or a bacon grilled cheese sandwich that's generous with the bacon. How about some clam chowder soup made from scratch?
  • Hot Gossip Espresso Bar - With a name as intriguing as Hot Gossip, you just know that this coffee shop has all kinds of fun surprises for you. Who knows what gorgeous local artwork will be hanging on the walls when you arrive! The lively art can be a great conversation starter. They make the coffee good and strong, arming you with a caffeinated buzz so that you can take on the world. Feel good about what you drink, too. This espresso spot is all about sustainability and organic menu items.

Each day can seem remarkably vibrant with coffee as part of it! It's so nice that there are plenty of awesome coffee shops in Lake Tahoe. We've done the delicious research, and pulled together this list of must-visit coffee shops. Bring a book or bring a friend, make yourself comfortable on the outdoor patio or inside, and drink up and eat up at a highly-recommended spot.

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