Basecamp Hotel

South Shore (CA)


4143 Cedar Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, CA
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Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe is for adventurers.

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Quick Facts

  • Check-In 3pm
  • Check-Out 12pm
  • 50 Rooms
  • 2 Floors

Hotel Amenities

  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Television/Cable

Basecamp Hotel

Basecamp Lake Tahoe CA Basecamp Lake Tahoe California Basecamp South Lake Tahoe CA Basecamp South Lake Tahoe California

Basecamp Hotel

Features: Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe offers modern and fun lodging for the adventurous at heart. Basecamp Hotel Lake Tahoe is ideal for groups of friends traveling together or the sporty couple. Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe's design is lively and young, with an eye towards those adventurous travelers who like this kind of style.

Why We Stay: Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe has such a fun, cool style. The amenities add appeal to Basecamp Hotel Lake Tahoe as an option to stay, because they contribute to how comfortable you're going to feel while you're here. To be close to the attractions, staying at Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe gives you the ideal location.

  • The Style: Gray, orange, brown and black are the pops of color you'll see at Basecamp Hotel Lake Tahoe. The overall look is definitely modern yet casual, comfortable and FUN. Far from being stuffy, the ambiance here feels much more young.
  • The Amenities: Basecamp Hotel Tahoe stocks your room with organic teas and coffees. The gear rack is perfect for hanging equipment to dry. If you want to let your mind take a break and enjoy TV entertainment, you can do so on the 32" 1080p flat screen in your room. Head to Basecamp Hotel Tahoe's on-site bar for both gourmet hot chocolate beverages as well as your classic brews.
  • The Location: Tahoe Basecamp Hotel is located on the South Shore on the Nevada side. If you want to be close to all the activities including beach sports, the Tahoe Queen, Heavenly Gondola, and and Edgewood Golf Course, Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe is in a great location.

Inside Knowledge: Basecamp Hotel South Lake Tahoe has several pet friendly rooms if you'd like to bring your canine friend along on your trip. Basecamp Hotel Lake Tahoe knows that your dog is more than just your household animal - he is also your friend and family member.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Store Your Equipment: You can keep your bike locked up at convenient indoor areas here designated just for that purpose. You can put your skis and boards into lockers outside your room too.
  • Do Make S'mores: Two fire pits beckon you to their sides for roasting marshmallows, creating your ooey gooey chocolate graham cracker desserts and telling stories with your friends and family members.
  • Don't Skip The Hot Tub:  The rooftop hot tub affords you rather fetching mountain views. Even if the breeze feels cool, the bubbling water is heated to wonderfully warm temperatures for your comfort. It doesn't get any better than that.
  • Don't Miss Your Morning Meal: Have breakfast because it's complimentary for you every single morning. It's no good to try snowboarding and skiing while you're as hungry as can be. This convenient breakfast will increase your energy levels so that you can perform well during your outdoor sports.

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