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Top 5 Water Sports in Lake Tahoe to Enjoy Before Summer Ends

Submitted on: 8/25/14 | by Lindsey Carlson
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Now is the time to take advantage of the warmer summer season and get out on Lake Tahoe for water sports that you aren't able to enjoy in the cold snowy winters! Pack your bags and your swimming suits and head to Lake Tahoe to try out our top picks for things to do in the water that will be less accessible - or at the very least much more chilly - when fall and winter come around.

Lake Tahoe is often described as a utopia: the lake is gorgeous, clear and big, the surrounding mountains are filled with towering Alpines and twisting trails, and the hotels and vacation rentals in the area make it easy to stay close to all of the action no matter what time of year it is.

But the fact that Tahoe is so high in the mountains means that the lake itself is fed directly from snow melt. What does that mean for us? Super icy-cold water! While some brave swimmers attempt Polar Bear Swims as early in the year as March, most find the water too cold for comfort in the winter season. Even in the summer you'll find the water much colder than other lakes you might frequent.

Tahoe is full of exciting things to do that include everything from biking through the mountain scenery to getting a birdseye view of the area while paragliding or hang gliding! This summer is drawing to a close swiftly so we've compiled of a list of the top things to do to enjoy America's favorite lake before it's just too cold to do so.

1. Paddle Boarding

The newest craze to hit Lake Tahoe and really any type of water all over the world, paddle boarding is hailed as a relaxing and active way to get some one on one time with the lake. Ideal for early mornings before the wind and other watercraft make waves in the water, Lake Tahoe paddle boarding involves standing on a floating board (kind of shaped like a surf board) and propelling yourself gracefully through the water with a paddle. To rent a paddle board see our links below.

2. Kayaking

Another way to get intimate with Lake Tahoe, kayaking will bring you even closer to the water without having to get wet if you don't want to. Rent one of these small water crafts and row your way around Lake Tahoe to exciting places that larger boats can't access. Arguably more athletic than paddle boarding, kayaking is a great way to get out on the lake, commune with nature and build up some muscle strength all at the same time! Kayak rentals are available at Action Water Sports (see link above), and at the following link.

3. Wake Surfing

Gone are the days when wake boarding, water skiing and tubing are the only water sports to do behind a boat! The latest thing to do now is to actually surf the wake of a boat with a surf board. It's not the ocean, but that just means that as long as the boat is going your wave will never end. So hop on, hang ten and surf your way around Lake Tahoe! It's always a good idea to do this sport with a practiced tour service, however, as the exhaust from the boat can be dangerous to breath. To rent a boat or book a tour service check out the following links.

4. Whitewater Rafting

Make your way to the rivers around Lake Tahoe for some adventurous whitewater rafting experiences! These tours are available on over a dozen different rivers in the area and will really get your blood pumping. With different levels of difficulty and different length trips, one thing is for sure: the scenery in the Lake Tahoe area is so gorgeous you'll always have something beautiful to look at while you ride down the rapids! Our links below can help you find a great tour.

5. Fishing

One of the less energy-requiring lake activities you should enjoy this summer, fishing in Lake Tahoe is a sure-fire way to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake. Go on a Lake Tahoe fishing tour to be sure you'l'l have a delicious catch for your dinner, too! Fishing is one thing that you can do all year, but we recommend getting out on the water now when you can enjoy the summer sunshine and won't have to be bundled up in four layers. Check out our top picks for fishing services in Lake Tahoe below.

So now that you know our top picks for water sports to try out this summer in Lake Tahoe, it's up to you to book your trip! Whether you stay in the casino hotels of South Shore or the mountain-themed vacation rentals of North Shore, the lake will be calling you out to enjoy its waters during your vacation. With all of the links above you can choose the water sports that are perfect for you and your travel group!

Did we miss any of Tahoe's best water sports on our list? Let us know what you like to do in Lake Tahoe during the summer on our Facebook or Google+!