Best Things to Do with Kids in the Fall in Lake Tahoe Announced by

Sep 24, 2013

The excitement of being back in school is starting to wear off, and kids are starting to get squirmy again. Lake Tahoe visitors and residents alike will rejoice with these great ideas for things to do in Lake Tahoe to keep kids entertained. has put together this great list of upcoming events and kid friendly things to do in Lake Tahoe.

Pony & Pumpkin Festival -11 am - 6 pm October 12 & 13

From pony rides to a bounce house, the Pony & Pumpkin Festival in South Lake Tahoe is a total hit with anyone who isn’t old enough to drive (it’s a hit for those who can too!). With live music performances, games, and all things fun and fall, the Pony & Pumpkin Festival will keep tots entertained and happy.

Crayfish Hunting - Anytime

With the invading crayfish taking over Lake Tahoe, families are being encouraged to try their luck at catching these crustaceans. Crayfish hunting is relatively easy: tie some deli meat (our bait of your choice) to a string, drop it in the lake, and wait for the critters to grab on! Catch and release or bring them home for a delicious fall feast!

Scarecrows on Parade - October 1 - October 31

Scarecrows are taking over Tahoe City. October in Tahoe City brings the scarecrows out, and this year everyone is expecting some great displays. Visitors and locals are encouraged to walk around Tahoe City and check out all of creative scarecrows, and the community will be voting on favorites.

Fire Fest - 10 am - 3 pm - September 28

Kids will absolutely love all the excitement this year’s Fire Fest is bringing to South Lake Tahoe. Fire Fest is a free event that not only is a blast for children, but helps inform kids about fire safety. Kids can come and sit in the fire truck, squirt the fire hose, escape from the Smoke House, and meet local fire safety heros.