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What to do for Father's Day in Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 6/5/24 | by Lindsey Carlson
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For holidays and special occasions, few places are as spectacular to spend the day at than Lake Tahoe. Located on the border of California and Nevada, the location boasts scenic views and a freshwater lake that is known as one of the largest in the country. For those spending time in the destination on Father's Day, there are a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy for an incredible way of bonding in the environment.

Rent Stand Up Paddleboards

Try a fun water activity with stand up paddleboards that makes for a relaxing way of playing on the lake. The cross-training activity uses the upper portion of the body to remain mobile on the water without requiring any waves to enjoy the sport. Both fathers and their children will love the relaxed mood with the activity for a moderate challenge that is easy to acquire on the first try.

Go Fishing on the Lake

Catch dinner by fishing on Lake Tahoe with catches that include Kokanee Salmon and Lake Trout. It will make for peaceful hours spent in a scenic environment, as well as a few good catches that will prove to make for a highlight of the day. Guided fishing trips are available for those who want assistance with fishing or may want to be taken to the best spots on the water. For the top fishing charters use http://www.tahoesbest.com/fishing

Rent Bikes to Tour the Area

Tour the beautiful location by bike for a fun family activity that allows each person to stay active. Riding bikes allow guests to tour the downtown area, as well as feel the wind in their hair with a traditional activity that is popular in Lake Tahoe. Various bike rental stores in Lake Tahoe are available and offer customers different types of bicycles. Between beach cruisers to mountain bikes, various types are available for different terrain. Children can even join in on the fun with kids' bikes that are fit for their size.

Enjoy a Half-Day Hike

Explore the wilderness with half-day hiking on a number of guided trails that will allow guests to experience panoramic views of the lake. You'll be able to trek through lush meadows and dense pine forests for a serene activity that offers different levels of trails. Hikers will be able to learn about the history of the land, as well as the native plants that thrive in the area, with the assistance of professional tour guides who are experienced with the area. Hikers can bring cameras along to take photos with stunning backdrops for a memorable Father's Day activity spent as a family. For a full list of hikes in the area use the Tahoe’s Best trail guide: http://www.tahoesbest.com/hiking/trailsbyregion.htm

Take a Helicopter Tour

Enjoy aerial views of the lake by taking a spectacular helicopter tour that makes for an adventurous way of sightseeing. Each dad can feel like a Navy Seal for scenic tours that welcome a number of passengers on the aircraft. Noise-reduction headsets are provided for the flight with clear window panels that make it easy to view every angle of the area. For those who are up to a challenge, flight training is also offered for those who want to learn how to fly for either recreational or professional purposes. Reno Tahoe Helicopter takes patrons soaring far above the mountains, and dad will love it!