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7 Tips for Taking Great Pictures on the Slopes of Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 1/23/18 | by Eric White
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Slopes of Lake Tahoe

If you're wondering how to best capture your upcoming ski trip to Lake Tahoe this winter, consider our 7 tips for taking great pictures on the slopes. Even if you aren't using anything more than a single-use camera, you can still take great action shots of your vacation. As long as you "know" your camera and prepare properly, you'll come home with pictures from Lake Tahoe that won't bore all your friends to death.

Skiing Lake Tahoe: 5 Key Pointers for Beginners

Submitted on: 10/17/17 | by Eric White
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October is underway and that means winter is quickly approaching too! As much of the country get their shovels and snowplows ready, Tahoe's Best is getting ready for a great season of skiing Lake Tahoe!

Dog Sledding | Great Things To Do in Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 9/25/12 | by Eric White
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Dog Sledding in Lake Tahoe CA

Why go all the way to Alaska when the thrill of the outdoors and dog sledding can be enjoyed right in Lake Tahoe? Dog sledding in Tahoe is a great chance to try something different and to get out on the mountains if you're exhausted from skiing (or if you've given up trying to learn!). Let someone else do all the work for once! And by someone, we mean a team of huskies