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Skiing Lake Tahoe: 5 Key Pointers for Beginners

Submitted on: 10/17/17 | by Eric White
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October is underway and that means winter is quickly approaching too! As much of the country get their shovels and snowplows ready, Tahoe's Best is getting ready for a great season of skiing Lake Tahoe!

Lake Tahoe welcomes skiers of every level to its slopes each winter; from die-hard veterans to curious new guys. New skiers have the option of taking skiing lessons in Lake Tahoe... but that costs money! Anyway, we're firm believers in learning by doing and there's no better way to learn how to ski than to take yourself out to the beginner slopes with a handful of pointers and simply go for it! If you're visiting Lake Tahoe this year to try your hand at skiing for the first time and aren't interested in lessons, then today's blog is just for you. We've compiled a few key pointers for you to keep in mind as you hit the Lake Tahoe slopes for your inaugural run. 

  • Find the Right Boot: Start off your Lake Tahoe skiing premiere on the right foot by finding boots that properly fit you. You want to be able to wiggle your toes in the boot but you also don't want to have too much space for movement. If the boots are too tight your feet could lose circulation and get really, really cold. However if the boots are too loose then you won't be able to control your skis. Take the time to find a boot that fits you somewhere in-between by trying on several different pairs. You'll be happy that you paid attention to this detail at the end of the day.
  • Beginner Slopes: If it's your first time skiing in Lake Tahoe, do try and avoid finding yourself on expert-level slopes... at least until you've got the hang of it! Try Sierra-at-Tahoe Ski Resort or Spooner Lake Cross Country Ski Resort, with 70% of its slopes classified as either beginner or intermediate, for your first time. Of course, one of the best ways to find slopes that fit what you're looking for is to ask employees at local ski shops. They will be able to give you more honest answers on where to go than any of the Lake Tahoe resorts.
  • Do a Pizza!: Find yourself going a tad too fast down a slope? Do a pizza! You'll zip down the mountain faster if your skis are parallel... like french fries. So, if you're wanting to slow yourself down then point the tips of your skis inward and do a pizza! Slowing down, stopping and turning take a good deal of practice but if you keep this pointer in mind you'll fall down a lot less skiing Lake Tahoe. Which brings us to the next point...
  • Always Get Back Up: It's your first time on the Lake Tahoe slopes, so expect to fall down... a lot! Don't let that bother you though as it's all part of the learning process. If you stick with it and get back up each time you fall on your backside, you will see vast improvements after just a day or two skiing Lake Tahoe. Getting a face full of snow is only a negative if you let it bruise your ego. Get yourself back on your feet and show Lake Tahoe you're not afraid to eat a little snow! Unless it's yellow snow... definitely stay away from that.
  • Rest and Repeat: Skiing is an exhausting sport. After your first day or two out on the slopes you'll probably find that you're sore and altogether pooped out. If this is the case, taking a little time to recover isn't a sign of weakness. Being physically tired out on the slopes is almost a guarantee that you will struggle... especially if you're a beginner. Conversely, if you decide to hit the slopes knowing you're very tired, keep in mind that this could be the reason you're falling down more than the day before!

Overall, just have fun! If you head out to the Lake Tahoe slopes each day with a positive attitude, ready to take on new challenges, you will see vast improvements in your ski-game. For more information on skiing Lake Tahoe, like which slopes are best or where to get lessons, take some time to peruse Tahoe's Best. We also have plenty of deals that make staying in Lake Tahoe this winter as cheap as possible! Updates on all things Lake Tahoe are also available on Tahoe's Best Facebook and Twitter pages.