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Dog Sledding | Great Things To Do in Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 9/25/12 | by Eric White
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Why go all the way to Alaska when the thrill of the outdoors and dog sledding can be enjoyed right in Lake Tahoe? Dog sledding in Tahoe is a great chance to try something different and to get out on the mountains if you're exhausted from skiing (or if you've given up trying to learn!). Let someone else do all the work for once! And by someone, we mean a team of huskies

Dog sledding in Tahoe can be done at a couple of places and prices vary depending on the size of your group and the size of the people in your group. You can easily customize a tour for you though! Regardless if you're with your girlfriend/boyfriend, your family with the kids, or just riding solo, you'll be able to book a dog sled tour that works for you.

Dog sledding in Lake Tahoe is a great and unique thing-to-do. Tahoe is most enjoyed for it's skiing and lake activities. But taking one of these tours is a great way to enjoy the Tahoe outdoors from the comfort of a pulled sled. That means you can comfortably take pictures and won't be exhausted by the end!

Here are three options for going dog sledding in Lake Tahoe.

Places to go Dog Sledding in Lake Tahoe

  •  Wilderness Adventure: Explore the wintry Sierra Nevada Mountains on the back of a dog-pulled sled when you book with Wilderness Adventure. Wilderness Adventure dog sled tours are offered at several times during the day. They offer daytime, sunset and moonlight tours. The moonlight and sunset tours are our favorites for something to do with that special person! These dog sledding adventures last about one hour. If you're looking for more time with the dogs or want to learn to mush your own team, try the Wilderness Expedition! The sleds at Wilderness have a maximum capacity of 500 lbs with prices reflecting age and weight. Adults can expect to pay about $110 during the week, though.
  • Kirkwood Mountain Running Creek Dog Sled Rides: Kirkwood Mountain offers three different dog sled tours that you and your group can enjoy. You can book a Meadow Loop Ride, an Adventure Ride or a Moonlight Tour. The Meadow Loop Ride is a shorter tour, running about a half hour, that takes you through the meadows of Kirkwood. For a little more adventure, take the Adventure Ride and get on the back of the sled yourself! And of course, the Moonlight Tour is perfect for a romantic evening in Lake Tahoe. The rates and sled capacities are both a little lower here than at Wilderness Adventure. The sleds can all carry 450 lbs, about two adults and a small child. Adults can expect to pay $85 for the scenic ride and $130 for the Adventure Ride. Kirkwood is also one of our favorite Lake Tahoe resorts, so if you're staying here then you can book this tour right at your hotel!
  • Husky Express Dog Sled Rides: For some dog sledding in South Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side of the mountains, check out the Husky Express Dog Sled Rides in the beautiful Hope Valley area. These rides are about an hour long and the maximum weight limit for the sleds is 375 lbs. Hope Valley is one of the most scenic areas around Lake Tahoe, so you'll definitely want to bring your camera on this one. If you're interested in learning more about the outdoors, Husky Express also offers avalanche awareness and outdoor survival courses. Spending a day or two with the team at Husky Express is one of our favorite ways to experience the outdoors while staying in Lake Tahoe.