Lake Tahoe Luxury Vacation Rentals

Luxury Vacation Rentals in Lake Tahoe

Browse the most luxurious vacation rentals in Tahoe by guest rating and location.


Lakeside Lake Tahoe Resorts

Rest your head with gorgeous views of the lake right out your window!

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Best Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals

For the most luxurious stay in Lake Tahoe rent your own private home.

Staying at a hotel in Lake Tahoe can be a great way to escape from your daily life, but an even better way is staying in the luxury vacation homes that dot the area around the lake. The only thing better than having a hotel suite to stride around is having an entire house to yourself, and the best Lake Tahoe vacation rentals make that a possibility.

Lake Tahoe Preferred Timeshare Resales: With over 45 timeshare options around Lake Tahoe you can choose the best vacation homes in Lake Tahoe to fit your personal budget, location and vacation style. One of the coolest things about timeshares is that you aren't just renting a place in Lake Tahoe, but you actually personally own it for a week or two out of the year.

Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort: Located in South Lake Tahoe rentals at this resort are the top of luxury in Lake Tahoe. Enjoy peace and relaxation no matter what time of year, or enjoy the casinos year-round, water sports in the summer or skiing at Heavenly Ski Resort in the winter! Enjoy great amenities like a fitness center, game room and barbecue area.

Lake Tahoe Preferred Timeshares

Why leave it to the chance of booking a good rental, own your personal piece of Lake Tahoe with a luxurious timeshare!

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Beautiful Luxury Vacation Homes

Check out these Lake Tahoe luxury vacation rentals for gorgeous views and luxurious surroundings.

Lake Tahoe is well known for being one of the most beautiful destinations in America to enjoy natural beauty. In these luxury vacation homes in Lake Tahoe you get not only the gorgeous views of the lake and forests, but also a gorgeous home to call your own for the duration of your vacation.

Waters of Tahoe Vacation Rentals: As the name might suggest, Waters of Tahoe Vacation Rentals are the perfect option for summer vacations where lake sports are in order. Over half of these North Lake Tahoe homes are right on Lake Tahoe and some even have private beaches and docks for boating and daytime fun. How's that for a view?

My Tahoe Rentals: The five luxury homes that My Tahoe Rentals offers will wow you with their beauty and comfort. Each home comes fully furnished with modern decor and all of the amenities you'll need for a perfect Lake Tahoe vacation. These are some of the absolute best vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe and include hot tubs, big screen TVs, pool tables and more. You won't regret a stay with My Tahoe Rentals.

My Tahoe Rentals

With five beautiful homes in both North and South Lake Tahoe, My Tahoe Rentals helps you to find the perfect vacation.

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Lake Tahoe luxury vacation rentals provide beautiful settings in which you can experience the gorgeous surroundings of Lake Tahoe in the utmost comfort and leisure. Why stay in a boring hotel when you can enjoy your own spacious living space in the best locations around Lake Tahoe? Whether you're looking for the perfect place you spend some time about a Lake Tahoe wedding or just need a special getaway, you can find the best Tahoe deals for all the most luxurious vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe.

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Areas Served: North and West Shore CA, South Shore CA, Squaw Valley, North Shore NV, South Shore NV, Truckee/Donner

Lake Tahoe luxury vacation rentals are often the best way to really escape and enjoy your trip away from home. Whether it is summer, winter, or anywhere in between, Lake Tahoe luxury vacation rentals can be found right next to all of your favorite Lake Tahoe activities. Find luxury vacation homes in Lake Tahoe right next to your favorite ski resorts, or enjoy luxury vacation homes in Lake Tahoe right on the lake itself!

No matter what Lake Tahoe luxury rentals you are looking for, here at Tahoe's Best we have everything you need to know about finding the best luxury vacation homes in Lake Tahoe. Not looking for Lake Tahoe luxury vacation rentals? Check out Lake Tahoe hotel resorts, or even cabins and condos in Lake Tahoe.