TahoesBest.com Announces the Best Ways to Stay Healthy While on Summer Vacation in Lake Tahoe

Jul 15, 2013

Summer in Lake Tahoe. There may not be a better way to describe relaxation. The lakeshore is calling and a cold beer is waiting. Maybe a nap in the warm summer sun is in store.

While Lake Tahoe is definitely the perfect summer getaway to decompress, there are also many incredible ways to breathe easy while still staying active. This doesn’t necessarily mean taking a ten mile run at the crack of dawn, because we all know that’s not going to happen.

Tahoe is the ideal vacation spot for having fun while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle, therefore TahoesBest.com has revealed a list of things to do in Tahoe that will keep visitors active and healthy without cutting into that much needed downtime.

Do the Downward Dog:

Instead of just laying around in child’s pose, vacationers can get a little more intense with Lake Tahoe Yoga. These guys do it all, from beginning yoga to advanced and even special classes designed for yogi babies.

In the upcoming summer weeks, Lake Tahoe Yoga is also offering some spectacular events that will bring out the inner zen master in anyone who joins in. Imagine the serenity of warrior’s pose under a full moon. Now imagine how amazing it would be on a paddle board! Upcoming events in July include full moon paddle yoga, yoga on the beach, and Phree Flow (Yoga+Phish), which keep participants healthy while still keeping vacationing fun.

And if that idea of a cold brew just keeps coming back, Lake Tahoe Yoga even offers Yoga paired with wine tasting, or Poses & Pints. No need to abstain, especially when on a Tahoe vacation.

Explore Tahoe on Two Wheels Instead of Four:

What better way to see this beautiful lake than on a tandem bike with a sweetheart? Leave those rental car keys in the hotel room and grab a helmet. With bike trails and lakeside rides galore, this is a perfect opportunity to have a Lake Tahoe adventure with or without the kids.

Factory Bike Tahoe City, a local bike rental company, makes it easy to ride around and feel active. With options for couples (tandem bikes are a blast!), mountain bikes, cruisers, and townie bikes, this Lake Tahoe bike company gets travelers out on the town with the wind at their backs.

Chow Down on Healthy Eats:

While it may be tempting to order summertime favorites like french fries and hamburgers, there are also mouthwatering healthy options to think about so that that favorite summer bikini still fits at the end of the meal. There is no need to forfeit all of those backbreaking butts-of-steel classes taken during the year just to give in to junk food while on vacation.

The Fresh Ketch is a South Lake Tahoe restaurant that offers tasty treats for an affordable price. Escape the heat and sit down on the lakeside with an incredible array of fresh oysters, with dipping sauce to taste. The Fresh Ketch has an amazing selection of seafood options and guests are sure to delight at how fresh the food is.

Treat your Body and Sleep Soundly:

After long days full of the many Lake Tahoe activities, nothing calls to the body more than a comfortable bed and relaxing massage. At the Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge & Spa guests can fall into a cozy bed and even book one of many different spa options. This South Lake Tahoe hotel offers relaxation treatments ranging from facials to massages to body wraps, so that guests can feel at ease and treat themselves after long days of activities.

The Tahoe Lakeshore Lodge & Spa also invites guests to feed their souls with music on the beach. Available from mid July until the end of August, guests can enjoy music every Thursday at 7pm. This Lake Tahoe hotel option also offers beach volleyball during the summer, so guests can keep moving and play in the sun.