Five Things to Do in Lake Tahoe for $10 or Less Announced by

Sep 12, 2013

Everyone likes to participate in all of the incredible events and activities that make Lake Tahoe one of the best vacation spots in the world, but no one likes to go without eating. Save the quarters for grocery shopping (hey, change can still buy fruit…maybe) and try one of these great things to do in Lake Tahoe for $10 or less. The editors of have scoured the lake to put together this great list!

Lake Tahoe Yoga - $10

Yogis have no need to fret while on vacation because Lake Tahoe Yoga offers classes for only $10. Located in South Shore, Lake Tahoe Yoga brings quality classes to the people! To take advantage of the cheap price zen-masters must pay in cash, because regular price for drop-in classes is $12.

Crawfish Boil - $5 - $10

Crawfish boils are the new big thing here in Lake Tahoe. Go to any pier and see families with bodies bent over the side looking for the next catch. This is a great thing to do in Lake Tahoe with the family, and kids will think it is awesome!

All you need is some string, a little bit of salome (or other old deli meat), and a plastic bucket! Try the meat to the string and watch the little guys grab on. Either catch and release these unsuspecting crustaceans for fun, or reward the effort by boiling them and then sauteeing them with butter and garlic! Quite the Cajun treat.

Bike around Town - $10

No trip to Tahoe is complete without bike exploration. Factory Bike in Tahoe City makes it easy by renting bikes by the hour. $10 will get Lake Tahoe bikers an hour to explore around the town, so no need to shy away in fear of high costs.

Hiking - Free!

They say the best things in life are free, which is totally true. Get outside and enjoy the weather this September in Lake Tahoe. Hopefully the wind blows the smoke out of the basin, so everyone can get outside and enjoy the warm September weather. With so many amazing hiking trails in Lake Tahoe, there is no way to avoid adventure.

Beach Time - Free!

Grab the beach bag and find a summer reading book for the last chance to enjoy the warm sun before the snow comes in. With incredible beaches sprinkled all around Lake Tahoe, travelers and locals should be biting at the bit to catch some last minute rays. Beaches in Lake Tahoe are perfect for end of the summer relaxation.