Family Hotels in Lake Tahoe

Family Hotels in Lake Tahoe That Are Fun For Both Kids And Grownups

Stay at Family Hotels in Lake Tahoe That Have Something For Everyone


Cal Neva Lodge and Casino

Family Vacations Are So Memorable At Cal Neva

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North Shore Family Hotels in Lake Tahoe

While Up North, Your Family Can Stay Here

Family hotels in Lake Tahoe give you more fun during your visit. Lake Tahoe family hotels definitely don't leave you bored!

Cal Neva Lodge and Casino: Give the kids the coolest story to tell their friends. When you stay at Cal Neva, you can take them on the secret tunnel tours that lead through this historic property. Famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra used to use these tunnels to get from place to place here. Your kids can help pick out souvenirs and gifts to bring back to family and friends when you visit the gift shop together. For a sporty game of tennis together, you can all hit the on-site tennis courts.

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe: Should you find yourself intensely craving the gooey goodness of s'mores, head over to the fire pits with your s'mores making kit from room service and create your own desserts. How's that for a family friendly amenity at one of the best Lake Tahoe family hotels? Kids can let their imaginations run free as they play on the playground. It's fun to swim in the pool and go to the beach here too. When they attend Camp Hyatt for Kids, your youngsters will learn about Tahoe as well as have fun doing planned activities.

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

Camp Hyatt for Kids is Lots of Fun

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South Shore Family Hotels in Lake Tahoe

Kids Like Staying Here on the South Shore

Family hotels in Lake Tahoe create lasting memories that you'll appreciate and get to relive long after your vacation has passed.

Harrah's Lake Tahoe Resort: Kids love going to the swimming pool here.  When they want hotter water, they like getting into the jacuzzi! After a whole bunch of fun playing and splashing around, there are 6 restaurants at the hotel for you and yours to go eat. The award-winning guest rooms at Harrah's Lake Tahoe Resort keep kids and grownups wonderfully comfortable. The fun thing is that the rooms have Nintendo for playing games and On Command movies to watch while you're hanging out at the hotel.

Best Western Timber Cove: Mom and Dads won't have to worry about what their kids are going to eat in the morning. Instead, Best Western Timber Cove takes care of it and provides an amazing buffet breakfast each day of your stay. The convenience of this allows you to completely relax at the beginning of each new day. Guests love being able to use beach water toys that are available through Best Western Timber Cove. Did you know? Kids 12 and under stay free with parents. Kids really love the in-room Nintendo games and movies.

Best Western Timber Cove

Eat A Big (And Complimentary) Breakfast Daily

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Family Hotels in Lake Tahoe

Family hotels in Lake Tahoe give the kids as much fun stuff to do as the grownups. While on vacation, the whole family should be able to really enjoy themselves and relax like the tourists they are. Lake Tahoe family hotels provide amenities that make them stand out from other hotels that don't offer family-friendly features. Instead of wondering how to keep your young'ns smiling and joyous while they're in Lake Tahoe, leave it to these wondrous establishments that plan out cool stuff for the kids. Family hotels in Tahoe make vacations very fun.

Staying entertained is especially easy at family hotels in Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe family hotels understand kids and know that their enjoyment is just as important as that of their moms and dads. The activity schedules at family hotels in Tahoe offer things like arts and crafts, video games and movie nights, to name a few fun things. Lake Tahoe hotels for families allow kids to play, create, socialize and enjoy being right where they're at. Boredom, what's that? That word does not seem to enter the universe of fun that is found in Lake Tahoe family hotels.

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Family Hotels in Lake Tahoe

Family hotels in Lake Tahoe create fun times for you and your kids to have together. Lake Tahoe family hotels are all about providing things that appeal to both moms and dads as well as the youngsters that are traveling to Tahoe on vacation. Family hotels in Tahoe give the entire group of travelers amenities and services that can make their trip more pleasant. Staying at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe gives kids the opportunity to attend Camp Hyatt for Kids. They get to learn about Tahoe as well as play during numerous scheduled activities.

When you stay at family hotels in Lake Tahoe, you probably won't hear "I'm bored!" from your youngsters. Instead, they get to stay happily occupied and be in the company of other travelers their age. Lake Tahoe family hotels design programs which interest kids. While you're here, check out the best fun things to do with kids in Lake Tahoe. You want your kids to get the most out of the vacation by seeing and experiencing as much cool stuff as possible. Are you keeping an eye on your vacation budget too? You can still pack in a whole lot of fun during your trip when you enjoy cheap things to do in Lake Tahoe.