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Why We Love Rafting in Tahoe

Submitted on: 5/7/13 | by Arielle Hansen
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Lake Tahoe is known as a mecca for sports enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, and with its varied and gorgeous terrain, it is easy to see why. The majestic Sierra Nevada mountains and sparkling blue waters of the lake and its various tributaries mean that a wealth of exciting outdoors activities can take place. One of the most popular things to do in Tahoe is river rafting, which appeals to thrill seekers and nature lovers alike as one of the most adventurous and exhilarating ways to spend a day in Lake Tahoe.

About Tahoe Rafting
The Truckee River is the go-to destination for rafting in Lake Tahoe with ideal conditions for white water rafting for both beginners and experienced rafters. What sets Lake Tahoe apart from other rafting locations across the country is not only the picturesque scenery that passengers witness as they float down the river, but also the customizable aspects of a white water rafting trip here. Arrange for a leisurely and relaxing trip down the river, with a serene pace and time to swim alongside the raft if that sounds preferable to a more intense and invigorating rafting experience. Either way, expect an exciting way to take in the sights of Lake Tahoe and the looming mountains.

About IRIE
IRIE is one of the most popular river rafting companies in Tahoe, and are known for their attentive customer service and fantastic trips down the Truckee River. Their name stands for Isolated Rivers Incredible Services, and their white water rafting trips certainly lives up to that tall order. With impressively high reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor, it is clear that customers adore this company. Choose a day trip, a few hour jaunt down the river, or even a multi-part trip if you are serious about embarking on a true adventure. Choose from Class II through V level river rafting: class II is the most relaxing, while class V is a white-knuckled experience filled with bumps, twists, and turns! If you are worried about safety, don’t be! IRIE has led guests on these invigorating expeditions for over fifteen years, so you can rest assured that their guides are trained to the utmost to keep your safety on the top of their mind. They also make sure to keep their narration of the trip both instructive and entertaining, and by the conclusion of the journey you’ll feel bonded not just with your fellow passengers but your guide as well after this shared experience.

IRIE’s Message
Not only does IRIE provide fantastic trips down the Truckee River, the Carson River and the American, they are also equally passionate about rafting and being sustainable and community-focused. While their love of rafting and nature shines through all of the river rafting expeditions, it is their focus on these aspects of their business that sets them apart from other rafting companies in Tahoe. They take pride in the fact that they are completely locally run, and enjoy giving back to the community who makes this possible. They give back to various local organizations, and are supporters of Tahoe Bikal, Project Great Outdoors, and many others. IRIE strives to run their business with a “leave no trace” philosophy to help do their part to ensure that these rivers are around for future generations to explore. They serve local and organic food for the delicious lunches on their trips and use recycled products as often as possible, which reflects their true commitment to not only their customers but also to the Tahoe ecosystem.

Rafting in Tahoe is the perfect way to spend an afternoon on your next vacation. Providing great views and a heart-pounding experience that will be fun for the whole family, it is easy to see why river rafting is one of the most popular Lake Tahoe activities.