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What is There to Do in Lake Tahoe When it's Raining?

Submitted on: 4/1/24 | by Lindsey Carlson
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Everyone jumps for joy when the snow starts falling, but rain doesn’t mean fresh powder and perfect skiing/snowboarding. So what is there to do in Lake Tahoe when it’s raining? Well, there are actually quite a few things to do in the rain. While hiking and fishing might be out of the question, there are many indoor activities that you can take advantage of if it rains on you in Lake Tahoe. Even though Tahoe boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year, there are those rogue rainy days and there’s nothing worse than staying in the hotel room while on vacation. So here are our ideas for top 5 activities for rainy days:

1.) Try your luck at the slots: Everyone knows the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe is famous for it’s casinos. From Harrah’s to Harveys, there are many ways to escape the drizzle and maybe make some money to buy a nice rain coat. Many casinos in Lake Tahoe also feature incredible shows, from classic concerts to stand up comedy. Here’s a full list of casinos in Lake Tahoe: http://www.tahoesbest.com/Casinos

2.) Indoor ice skating: While many of the outdoor ice skating arenas close during spring, summer and fall (plus, no one want so go ice skating in the rain), there are a few that are open year round. Check out South Tahoe Ice Arena and enjoy the day skating around with the family.

3.) Relax at spa time: Lake Tahoe is known for its power to heal the soul, so escape to the sanctuary of a spa while it’s raining so you don’t waste a sunny day in Lake Tahoe indoors. There is an abundance of day spas in Lake Tahoe, so it should be easy to find one near your hotel that offers the services you want.

4.) Dine out in style: If you are staying in a vacation rental with a kitchen you most likely will be making most of your meals at home, but why not treat yourself and dine out? If you are staying in Tahoe City we recommend getting some margaritas with dinner at the Blue Agave, or try Fresh Ketch in South Lake Tahoe for some delicious seafood.

5.) Shopping in Lake Tahoe: Don’t coop up in the hotel or vacation rental when it’s raining...doesn’t it sound like so much more fun to go shopping? Plus, you know the neighbors will be offended if you don’t bring them back some kind of treat for watching the animals while you were away. There is quite a lot of shopping in both South and North Lake Tahoe, so get out and grab some gifts!