Tahoe City Marina Boat Rentals

North & West Shore (CA)


700 North Lake Boulevard
Tahoe City, CA
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  • Region North & West Shore (CA)
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Take To The Lake For A Day Of Boating Fun!


Features: Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals makes it possible for you to now say to your friends, "I'm on a boat." Tahoe City Marina Water Sports offers high-quality boat rentals as well as marina services for your boat.

Why We Go: Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals equips you with the boat of your dreams - and lets you take it for lively joyrides!

  • The Service: The helpful and courteous staff make your experience that much better thanks to their friendliness.
  • The Location: Conveniently located in Tahoe City, you'll be able to easily get here, get on the water, and enjoy your incredibly happy day.
  • The Rentals: You can choose from among boats of different sizes and motors.

Inside Knowledge: At Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals, guests love that learning how to operate the boats is easy. The only one that requires a minimum of 20 hours prior experience is the Catalina Sailboat.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Go On An Adventure: Embark upon an enthralling boat ride! Feel the wind rushing through your hair, the sun beaming down upon your smiling cheeks and create a lasting memory with your friends and family.
  • Do Split The Price: Get a great big group of friends to go with you. If you get the Open Bow Runaboat for up to nine people, splitting the price of $150/hour comes down to less than $20 per person.
  • Don't Sail Without Prior Experience: It's easy to learn how to operate the motorboats; however, if you want to take a sailboat out on the water, you'll need to have had at least 20 hours of experience at the helm of a sailboat prior to this visit.
  • Don't Fish In The Afternoon: The fishing boat is available for rent during the morning. Up until noontime, you can take this baby out for some quality fishing fun.

Tahoe City Marina Boat Rentals

Tahoe City Marina Boat Rentals

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Quick Facts

  • Lake Tahoe Boat Rentals gets you on the water for some major fun!
  • Tahoe City Marina Water Sports offers several kinds of boat types.
  • Lake Tahoe Water Sports also provides marina services.

700 North Lake Boulevard
Tahoe City, CA 96145
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