Sunset Sleigh Ride and Dinner

South Shore (NV)


PO Box 5905
Stateline, NV
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Sunset Sleigh Ride and Dinner Transports And Feeds You.


Features: Tahoe Sleigh Rides brings you and your family across the snowy landscape on a dashing sleigh ride. Borges Sleigh Rides Lake Tahoe offers rides led by 2,000 pound blonde Belgian draft horses.

Why We Go: Tahoe Sleigh Rides satisfies your curiosity about what it feels like to go on a sleigh ride. You've heard about them in holiday songs and stories. Now you can experience them for real, and the Sunset Sleigh Ride and Dinner is by far the best deal in South Lake Tahoe.

  • The Nostalgia: There's something utterly charming about riding a sleigh through the winter snow. Tahoe Sleigh Rides represents a throwback to a different time, when horses were the fastest form of transportation and sleigh rides were a must-enjoy activity each and every holiday season.
  • The Views: Feast your eyes upon the sparkling white landscape that opens itself up before you on your sleigh ride.
  • The Packages: Tahoe Sleigh Rides offers wedding packages that will leave you with the most romantic memories of your big day. Some people get married in chapels, but you spice it up with an exciting event on a sleigh.

Inside Knowledge: Tahoe Sleigh Rides knows that you might be famished and ready to eat after your riveting sleigh ride. That's why the dinner package is such a treat. You'll return from your sleigh ride and promptly be off to your gourmet restaurant meal.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Listen To The Tales: While you're on the sleigh ride, you'll be listening to more than just the sound of horse hooves in snow. You'll also hear stories about times that are now past.
  • Do Admire The Horses: These are no donkeys you're looking at. Rather, these 2,000 pound blonde Belgian draft horses are the ones impressing you with their regal demeanor and look.
  • Don't Knock The History: Sunset Sleigh Ride and Dinner has been around since 1967, and in that time, they have only continued to build upon their excellent reputation.
  • Don't Let The Moment Escape You: During either a 30 minute or one hour ride, you will want to soak up every second of the experience rather than spacing out and barely remembering any of it later.

Sunset Sleigh Ride Lake Tahoe

Sunset Sleigh Ride and Dinner Lake Tahoe CA

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  • Tahoe Sleigh Rides has taken guests on fun-filled rides since 1967!
  • Borges Sleigh Rides Lake Tahoe makes you feel like you're in a holiday card that's come to life.
  • Lake Tahoe Sleigh Ride is perfect for couples and families alike.

PO Box 5905
Stateline, NV 89449
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