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Fishing Spots in Lake Tahoe - The Best Places to Drop a Line!

Submitted on: 9/18/14 | by Lindsey Carlson
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We know. They don't always bite, and sometimes taking the effort to reel these babies in can be more effort than it's worth. Fortunately, we know the best places in Lake Tahoe where you can drop a line and not go home alone every time.

We should probably clarify that this is intended for your fishing endeavors, not your romantic escapades. We might be able to recommend a few bars or grocery stores, but we don't know anything about the lines you can use to make the ladies bite. Sorry. Luckily, for the rest of you, we do know the best places you can drop a line in Lake Tahoe and reel 'er in every time if what you're looking for is a big, tasty fish! Here are our favorite fishing spots in Lake Tahoe, and other tips for catching something great to take home with you after a hard days work!

Fishing in Lake Tahoe is Seasonal in Many Cases

  • Every year the Truckee River and all the Lake Tahoe streams are open for fishing until November 15. 
  • All of the lakes around Lake Tahoe are open all year long, perfect for those of you who like your fish on the rocks.
  • The tributaries are open through September 30th, but of course there is no fishing allowed within a certain distance of many tributaries. The distance ranges from 300-1000 feet, depending on where you are.

Our Favorite Lakes

  • Caples Lake is South of Lake Tahoe and at an elevation of 7,950 feet. The waters are full of rainbow trout, brown, cutthroat and brook and there's 600 square feet of water to boat around on chasing after these bad boys. There are several boat rentals available for you and the gang to spend a relaxing day on the water.
  • Donner Lake is full of Rainbows, Browns and Mackinaw and you can put your boat in on the west end of the lake. If you're sticking to the shallow waters, flasher/worm combinations or minnow imitating lures will bring you the best of luck on your endeavors.
  • Fallen Leaf Lake is elevated at 6,400 feet and the water is therefore pretty chilly throughout the year. There are plenty of places to rent boats nearby, as well as stores fully equipped with all the gear and tackle you'll need. Of course, since everything here is so convenient, you won't be the only one intrigued by this location, so you'll be battling it out sharing the water (and maybe the next fish that swims by) with quite a few other hungry fisherman.
  • Pyramid Lake is said to have fish that jump right onto your hook. Wouldn't it be great if everything in life were this easy? If a challenge is not what you're looking for, you'll love all the big catches you go home with after a day on this lake. The fishing season here runs from October through the end of June.
  • Of course - Lake Tahoe herself. Elevated at 6,230 feet in the beautiful Sierra Mountains, Lake Tahoe is not only huge, but full of pristine fishing potential! Tahoe is famous for crystal clear waters, beautiful mackinaw and kokanee salmon. There are plenty of boat rentals, shops for gear and fishing experts in the area to ensure your trip is well worth the wait for the mack-daddies in the Lake - and trust us, there are plenty of them!

The Best Lake Tahoe Rivers for Fishing

  • The deep pools at Truckee River are chock full early in the season, and the section between Tahoe City and River Ranch always yield hearty results. The Wild Trout section of the river, the section right below Truckee known as Upper Truckee River, is only for artificial lures and fly fishers and no fishing at all is allowed for 1000' below the Lake Tahoe outlet. Little Truckee River has a two fish bag limit and fish must be a maximum of 14 inches.

Lake Tahoe Fishing Guides

When you need a little help from the experts, call on these Lake Tahoe fishing experts to help you make the catch of the day, or catch of your life!

  • Tight Lines Guide Service offers the tips and guidance from a professional fisher, who takes you out to catch the best salmon and mackinaw in Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake or Stampede Reservoir!
  • Tahoe Sport Fishing is a family friendly service that provides the best of the best in gear and service. They can even provide you with a fishing license if you don't have one already!
  • Sierra Fin Addicts Guide Services specializes in group or private fishing charters on Lake Tahoe. They are also Lake Tahoe's light tackle specialists!
  • Blue Ribbon Fishing Charters offer a genuine charter, with a 90% success rate!

Whether you're an expert fisherman or looking to learn the ropes, Lake Tahoe offers the best in equipment, services and hot fishing spots in various locations year round! Come for the warm weather and enjoy a beautiful day fishing with the family, or take them all out in the boat for a day on the Lake so you can put dinner on the table! The winter months are perfect for spending your time in the boat on any lake in Tahoe, and if you don't have your own already, there are plenty of places to rent a boat in Lake Tahoe for your trip! What are your favorite places to fish in Tahoe when you're here for vacation? Let us know by following us on Facebook or Google+ and feel free to gloat about any of your favorite success stories!