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Wine Tours From Tahoe: A Top Activity For Your Lake Tahoe Vacation

Submitted on: 3/25/13 | by Arielle Hansen
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Looking for a way to break up the endless skiing and rugged outdoor activities that a Lake Tahoe vacation usually entails? Longing to indulge in some delicious wine as you gaze at the snow-capped Sierra Nevadas and other beautiful sights of the El Dorado region of California? If so, Wine Tours From Tahoe may be a perfect addition to any vacation to the area.

Why we love These Wine TOurs

Wine Tours From Tahoe are led by John and Vicki Bain, and are an ideal way to explore the region for wine connoisseurs and the the casual wine admirer alike. The wine tours will guide the group around to several wineries in the area, and have a personal touch as each tour is adapted to fit the current group’s needs, interests and palette. The convenience aspect of Wine Tours From Tahoe is truly fantastic, as the tour guide will pick you up from your South Lake Tahoe Hotel, and provide round trip transportation for the hour drive out to the vineyards. Once at the vineyards, guests will enjoy courtesy wine tastings, with generous samples of some of the most delectable California wines. The guides provided by Wine Tours From Tahoe are extremely knowledgeable, and will be able to answer questions about the various products and make personal recommendations.

In addition to the fabulous wine-tasting component of the tour, Wine Tours From Tahoe will also include a tasty picnic lunch complete with breathtaking views of stunning vistas if the weather permits it; otherwise guests will get to experience the culinary wonders of one of the sought-after restaurants in El Dorado. The tour may also incorporate a trip to the Boa Vista Open Market, which is famous for its home-grown apple products in every form, so visitors can take home some treats in addition to their new bottles of wine. If the season is correct, the tour may even be capped off with a stop at the Fudge Factory for some scrumptious chocolate goodies to pack in your suitcase.

How long: This tour will last for the majority of the day, so be sure to leave a full day open in your Lake Tahoe itinerary to make room for Wine Tours From Tahoe.
When and how to get there: Pick up from the hotels in the morning is usually around 9:45 am, and guests will be returned to their South Lake Tahoe hotel in the evening at approximately 5 pm. Any interested parties should book now as space on these tours is limited and fills up quickly.
Who can come: The tour is usually comprised of at least four people; for any parties less than that Wine Tours From Tahoe will do their best to try and fill up the remaining spots, or there is always the private tour option.
How to reserve: Call today to make arrangements for this memorable experience that is sure to delight each and every member of your party! 

About the Area

El Dorado has a variety of excellent vineyards and a backdrop of stunning beauty which rivals Napa as a wonderful destination for wine, whether reds or whites are your favorite. El Dorado is about an hour away from South Lake Tahoe and is situated slightly to the north of California’s Mother Lode, the famous gold vein discovered in the 1840’s that became the spot everyone flocked to during the Gold Rush in an attempt to make their fortune. In modern times, the region has been reincarnated as a wine mecca; its old-vine Zinfandel is especially renowned. Currently, El Dorado is home to more than 2,000 acres of vines, and has approximately 50 wineries in the area which produce some of California’s best wines. The fertile soil of the county means that the well-regarded vineyard owners can grow an extensive variety of grapes, leading to the huge selection of different wines for any potential wine consumer.