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Top 5 Tahoe Ski Resorts Based on Reported Snow Depth

Submitted on: 1/29/13 | by Guest Post
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Listing the “Top 5” ski resorts in Lake Tahoe is pretty subjective (they’re all awesome) but we figured for this post we’d list the top 5 based on reported snowfall or snow depth as of today, January 29, 2013 at 4:00pm PST.

And why not as snow depth in Tahoe can be epic and with over 15 well concentrated ski resorts, is unlike any other ski region in the country. From Sugar Bowl on the north side of the North Shore to Kirkwood located south of South Shore, Tahoe boasts over of over 400” of annual snowfall and more than 300 days of sunshine.

Here is a list of the Top 5 Lake Tahoe ski resorts based on self-reported summit snow depth as of January 29, 2013:

1. Boreal – Reporting 141” at the summit (current Boreal ski report)
2. Sugar Bowl - Reporting 127” at the summit (current Sugar Bowl ski report)
3. Mt. Rose - Reporting 114” at the summit (current Mt. Rose ski report)
4. Kirkwood - Reporting 106” at the summit (current Kirkwood ski report)
5. Squaw Valley - Reporting 100” at the summit (current Squaw Valley ski report)

So there you have it. Surprised? I was a little as Alpine Meadows is usually on or near the top. Boreal and Sugar Bowl are right next to each other so they must have been dumped on at some point in a recent storm. Obviously this is a fun way to list out the Tahoe ski resorts as all of them have plenty of snow and snow depth to make your time on the slopes fun and exciting. Maybe we’ll even have a few late, late season storms and ski into July 4th like a few seasons ago…

Here is a full list of all Lake Tahoe ski resorts.
See you on the slopes!