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Tahoe Ski Resorts Opening Early in 2012!

Submitted on: 11/13/12 | by Lizz Riggs
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Lake Tahoe has gotten an unexpected amount of snow so far in 2012. Usually, the ski resorts in Lake Tahoe don't start their season until sometime in December, but the 2012/2013 season is going to be one for the books! There are a few ski resorts who have decided to open early to take advantage of all the snow that has already fallen in Lake Tahoe. 

Tahoe has gotten more than 18 inches recently, and the consistent low temperatures will keep the snow on the ground for a while.

If you remember last year, there was a disappointing amount of snow from start to finish and all throughout the season. Many places in Lake Tahoe experienced half the snowfall last year than they did the year before, but we have high hopes for this coming season after what we've gotten so far!

Which Ski Resorts are Opening Early?

Early Wednesday Openings:

Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort: November 14- This season (in late March) they're going to host their first hot-dogging competition since the 1980s. For those of you who don't know what that is, unfortunately, it's not the hot dog eating competition you may have your heart set on, but rather a skiing competition that involves a lot of technique. Jumps, flips and more will be flaunted all day during the US Freestyle Championships.
Opening day will host two lifts and two runs. They'll open a 3rd lift and the Orion Trail this weekend, but lessons will start on Wednesday.

Northstar Ski Resort: November 14 - Northstar is celebrating their 40th birthday on December 22, and guess who will be host it's birthday party. Just guess.
Well Lake Tahoe, that would be Shaun White. He'll be leading a snowboard clinic and hosting a party at the Big Spring Day Lodge. Northstar will be one of Shaun White's go-to training areas again this year, so look for him on the trails!
They'll be opening with four lifts and 6 trails for beginner and intermediate terrain. The ski schools and the skating rink will also be up and running again on this date. 

Find Them On Friday:

Kirkwood Mountain: November 16 - They'll have 5 trails and 1 lift available for use after getting over 2 feet of snow recently. They're opening a week early, but you can still only get your season passes thru November 18th. There's a preseaon opening at the Sports Village Plaza where you can snag up this years gear before the holiday crowds come in and swoop up the good stuff! There will be a sale on last years stuff, boots and a sneak peak at the 2012/13 equipment.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort: November 16 - They're opening 4 lifts and 4 runs on Friday. FirstVenture, Searchlight, Red Dog and Squaw Creek are the terrains open from the 16-20 and lessons will become available starting opening day!

Sugar Bowl will open this weekend on Saturday (November 17). Get ready for top-to-bottom skiing this weekend!

Mt. Rose is set to open November 21. Alpine on December 7. Diamond Peak is opening December 13.

Homewood Mountain will be one of the later ones to open, with the date set at December 14. They've got lots of new stuff this year, according to Examiner. Low priced lift tickets, chair lifts every day this season, a mobile app, a new Pizza to-go restaurant (Homeward Bound, how clever), new high def. web cams and the new Burton Learn-to-Ride center.