Ehrman Mansion

North & West Shore (CA)


7595 West Lake Boulevard
Tahoma, CA
  • Type Museums & Historical Sites
  • Region North & West Shore (CA)
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Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe Is The 1903 Historical Estate Of A Wealthy San Franciscan.


Features: Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe has well-maintained grounds for guests to explore. Hellman-Ehrman Mansion Tahoe City gives visitors fun guided tours of the home during summer months.

Why We Go: Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe is a beautiful home with lots of history.

  • The History: Keep that noggin intellectually stimulated by learning utterly fascinating tidbits about Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe.
  • The Views: Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe will make your pupils widen so that they can take in as much of the beautiful sights around you as possible.
  • The Trails: It's so much fun to walk around on Hellman-Ehrman Mansion Tahoe City's surrounding trails. Get exercise while ingesting the freshest air.

Inside Knowledge: Ehrman Mansion Wedding Receptions offers lovebirds an exceptional location for getting married. Historical, charming and romantic, the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion Tahoe City can host lakeside weddings with up to 200 guests or receptions in the garden for up to 125 guests. Ehrman Mansion Wedding Receptions gives lovebirds an outdoor setting for having a wedding that's off the beaten path.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Call Before Stopping By: Give yourself the sweetest peace of mind by calling the park for operating hours and tour times on the specific day that you plan to come.
  • Do Bring Your Mini-Me's: Even your youngsters may find themselves utterly awestruck by the cool house here. Kids under 6 can come along with you on the guided tour for free!
  • Don't Rush Yourself: With an entire 45 minutes on the guided tour, this wonderfully interesting and information-packed adventure through the house gives you time to savor all the sights.
  • Don't Skip Your Workout: The fun trails around Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe provide an easy workout that will give you energy galore.

Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe

Ehrman Mansion Sugar Pine Point State Park California

Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe Information


Mon.- Sun. 11am- 4pm

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Quick Facts

  • Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe is a historical landmark.
  • Hellman-Ehrman Mansion Tahoe City was built in 1903 by a wealthy San Franciscan named I. W. Hellman.
  • Ehrman Mansion Tahoe offers guided tours during the summer.

7595 West Lake Boulevard
Tahoma, CA 96142
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