Joey McCoy

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Date of stay: 3/12

Great Spinach Dip 24 Hours a Day

This is a 24 hour restaurant in the Montbleu Casino, and me and my friend were hungry for some late night munchies after a night of drinking. We stopped in for a quick bite to eat and were greeted with great service. The place was really crowded, and I’m sure its so annoying to serve a bunch of drunk people, but the waitress was still so nice and friendly to us.

We got a spinach dip appetizer to start. Delicious! If you go there, you definitely need to order this. It’s served in a bread bowl. We ate every last bite. However, we got the rest of our food, a french dip and a burrito. They were both sub par. Not worth the late night calories at all. But the spinach dip was great. We should have just ordered that. Spent about $30. Wasn’t a bad place. It’s probably the best 24 hour option in Tahoe, but the food is just alright. Get the spinach dip but don’t waste your money on anything else.