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Tahoe Mountain Guides: A Top Pick for Personalized Bike Tours Through Tahoe

Submitted on: 6/11/13 | by Chloe Mulliner
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If you’re already planning a trip to picturesque Lake Tahoe, then we have a feeling that we don’t have to brag about all of the awe inspiring scenery Tahoe has to offer from the lake and the meadows to the forests and the rivers. However, if you’re an adventure seeker looking for an exciting way to witness the landscape, then Tahoe Mountain Guides (TMG) is certainly worth talking about.

Whether you’re a diehard mountain biking fan in search of some challenging terrain or a beginner biker just in the mood for a scenic cruise around the lake, TMG is the go-to place for all your bike tour and rental needs.


TMG tours provide seasoned mountain guides on every tour who not only live and breath mountain biking, but also live and breath the Tahoe air and trails. These trail guides have an undeniable passion for biking and an unlimited wealth of knowledge when it comes to biking and exploring the Tahoe trails. The guides won’t just lead the way on the trails, but they’ll also share Tahoe trivia and show you the best views of the lake during a safe and exciting tour. They even know the terrain so well that they can customize a tour to suit your fitness and confidence level.


Depending on your preference, you can book half-day, full-day or multi-day tours, riding anywhere from three miles to more than 25 miles! If you’re looking for some gentle terrain and an opportunity to leisurely take in the scenery, TMG offers the Manzanita Tour, which is perfect for beginner bikers. Meanwhile, the High Country Tour is a more suitable excursion for intermediate and advanced riders who want to branch out on a longer trail in the Tahoe National Forest. TMG also feature Private Mountain Bike Tours, in which riders can receive one-on-one tips from the experts to boost their biking skills.

What to Know

If you’re planning on bringing your bike on the tour, don’t forget to pack a helmet, and if you’re renting, then a helmet and water bottle will come with the rental. For those who need to rent a bike, the TMG experts can help you choose the ideal bike from the standard and premium selections they have on hand.

TMG recommends that guests come equipped with closed toed shoes, shorts, bike gloves, and a rain jacket or sweater in case the weather takes a turn.

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