Tahoe Boat Inspection Event

South Shore (CA)

Tahoe Boat Inspection Event

Tahoe Boat Inspection

Tahoe Boat Inspection Event Summary

Event Overview: Tahoe Boat Inspection ensures that vessels in the waterways of Lake Tahoe are free from aquatic invasive species.

Tahoe boat inspections protect Lake Tahoe waters from devastating changes that would occur if non-native species were introduced, because these species would not have their natural predators around to regulate the population.

What to Expect: Tahoe boat inspections only take a few minutes if you come prepared. There are numerous locations available for you to get Tahoe boat inspections.

  • The Efficiency: It can seem like Tahoe boat inspections are going to be very inconvenient. However, Tahoe boat inspections can actually be done pretty quickly - in fact, they can take just several minutes if you have regularly cleaned, drained and dried your watercraft.
  • The Locations: Tahoe boat inspections can be done at numerous locations in the area, allowing you to get this mandatory procedure completed at a convenient place for you.
  • The Fees: The reasonable fees vary based upon vessel type and size. Motorized watercraft have fees that increase with the size of your water vessel. Non-motorized watercraft are not charged a fee for Tahoe boat inspections at this time!

Inside Knowledge: Tahoe boat inspections are free for those with non-motorized vessels like paddleboards and kayaks. It's a pretty nice benefit for those who are using their arms and physical strength to power their watercraft! That's one more incentive to exercise with greater frequency in Lake Tahoe.

Event Hints: 

  • Check Dates and Times: Both Lake Tahoe boat inspection dates and Tahoe boat inspection hours vary by season, so you'll want to check the official website to find out when you can bring your watercraft.
  • View The Fee Structure: Know how much you'll need to pay for this mandatory boat inspection. The fee structure on the official website displays vessel sizes and their corresponding inspection fees.

Tahoe Boat Inspection Event Information


870 Emerald Bay Road, Suite 108
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
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Quick Facts

  • Tahoe Boat Inspection checks watercraft for the potential presence of aquatic invasive species.
  • Tahoe boat inspections can be as quick as a few minutes when you've already cleaned, drained and dried your boat.
  • Lake Tahoe boat inspection dates vary by season.
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Tahoe Boat Inspection
870 Emerald Bay Road, Suite 108
South Lake Tahoe, US

  • Event Dates

    Jun 01,2014 - Sep 15,2014
  • Event Cost

    $0 - $121
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Tahoe Boat Inspection takes a look at your watercraft to ensure that it meets requirements.

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