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Tahoe Adventure Company: Experience Spectacular Tahoe By Kayak

Submitted on: 7/30/13 | by Lindsey Carlson
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Tahoe Adventure Company spices up ordinary kayaking in Tahoe and presents kayak tours with a twist! The Tahoe tour company features kayak excursions that are anything but ordinary with opportunities to glide over the water at sunset, stargaze with a well-renowned astronomer, paddle to a lakeside restaurant, and even arrive at the famous Thunderbird Lodge by kayak.

Tahoe Adventure Company incorporates kayaking with unique ways of exploring Tahoe and learning about Tahoe’s human and natural history, while providing experienced instructors and trips that are perfect for kayakers of all skill levels.

The tour company offers numerous exciting kayaking tours, but we’ve picked our top three favorite Tahoe Adventure Company kayaking tours for summer 2013!

Astronomy Kayak Tour

Can you spot the Big Dipper, Orion, and Hercules in the sky? Regardless of whether you’re a constellation connoisseur or a novice stargazer, the Astronomy Kayak Tour may be the adventure for you! Tahoe Adventure Company features a sunset kayak cruise followed by a beachside astronomy demonstration with award-winning astronomer Tony Berendsen.

Berendsen, the current president of the Northern Nevada Science Coalition has predicted four prime star gazing nights of the summer season in which he’ll set up his aperture telescopes at the beach and share his knowledge of the constellations after guests kayak around and watch the sunset. The astronomer will also provide different captivating themes for each stargazing night, such as “Virgo’s Galaxy Clusters.”

This summer, guests of any age and skill level can learn to kayak and point out the constellations on June 29, July 12, August 12, and September 7, 2013.

Gar Woods Lakeside Lunch and Kayak Tour

The Tahoe Adventure Company knows that going on an adventure and indulging in delicious food are two opportunities that many of us can’t pass up, therefore the company has conveniently combined both of these favorite pastimes into one package! The Gar Woods Lakeside Lunch and Kayak Tour presents an exciting paddle around the lake and then lakeside dining at the Gar Woods Grill and Pier.

During this tour, guests will receive kayaking lessons from the professionals at the Tahoe Vista Recreation Area, and then they’re free to glide along the Tahoe Vista and Carnelian Bay coastline. During the tour, the adventure company tour guides will narrate and pass along the most interesting facts and trivia about Tahoe’s history. And once guests have kayaked up an appetite, they can paddle over to the Gar Woods Grill and Pier in Carnelian Bay for a tasty lunch.

Thunderbird Lodge Kayak Tour

The Thunderbird Lodge is a must-see historic Lake Tahoe attraction, so why not approach it a different way than usual? Take the Thunderbird Lodge Kayak Tour and paddle up to the mansion by kayak to experience coveted views of the lighthouse and the boathouse, which is Tahoe’s first steel structure.

This kayak adventure starts at Sand Harbor State Beach where kayakers will begin the easy 1.5 mile trek over to the lodge for a tour of the Whittell estate. The professional tour guides will then lead guests on an intriguing expedition around the grounds through the Old Lodge, butler’s house, light house, and even a trip to the underground tunnel for a glimpse of the famous Thunderbird yacht.

The Tahoe Adventure Company also offers mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, and backpacking tours for some additional “human-powered” fun. These activities are a great way to have a good time while kicking up your heart rate and exploring the spectacular Tahoe scenery. Visit tahoeadventurecompany.com for tour details and booking information.

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