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My family and I try to visit Lake Tahoe as often as we can in the summer, one weekend last August we decided to leave the Sea Doo's at home and set out to try something new, something a bit more hassle free, a bit more relaxing, something different. After exploring a few options like Horse back riding, hiking, and mountain biking, we heard about a locally owned Water Sport Company on the North Shore, SWA Water Sports. When I called to see what, where, when, and how, I was greeted by a friendly guy by the name of Gerald. As it turned out Gerald was the owner of the company and took the time to explain everything I needed to know, asked and answered questions, told me what we could expect, etc, etc. I found him to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable and informative, but more important was how easy he was to talk to. We decided to book a trip for an afternoon of wake surfing which none of my family had ever done, (I had tried in the past with no success). We met Gerald at the Hyatt, he was right where he said he'd be and greeted us with a smile and escorted us to one of the nicest boats I'd ever seen, a gorgeous blue and white Mastercraft X80. This thing was awesome, totally immaculate, I knew instantly that we had called the right place. And so it began, we set out for an epic journey of fun in the sun and had thee absolute best time, EVER! Every single one of us got up on the first try (after Gerald gave us some instruction and tips on the best way to "pop" out of the water), and let me tell ya, that entire afternoon was a friggin blast!! By far one of the best times on Lake Tahoe to date, suntans and smiles all around, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this summer to do it again. We learned you can book Gerald or any member of his team for multiple days, and we already booked a full weekend this year with another family and can't wait to see what the guys at SWA will have in store for us this go round. I have since booked a few fishing trips with Gerald and he delivers a memorable day of fishing as well, these guys do it all. Do yourself a favor and call these guys for your next Tahoe adventure, they are the best, thank you again G, see ya soon.

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