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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with a Delectable Treat from Tahoe Toffee Candy Co.

Submitted on: 9/4/13 | by Lindsey Carlson
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It wakes you up in the middle of the night. It haunts you after dinner. It comes knocking when you’re feeling blue. It’s the intense craving for a delicious and savory sweet. There is no better remedy for that sweet tooth craving than a perfectly and lovingly made toffee treat from Tahoe Toffee Candy Co. Owner Mindy Miller founded Tahoe Toffee Candy Co. after perfecting her candy making abilities over the years and finally giving the joy of amazing candy to Lake Tahoe.

Mindy’s candy making abilities are known all over Lake Tahoe, and her carefully made treats are perfect for gifts, souvenirs, or pantry sweets necessities. All of the recipes are original, and you will be able to taste the distinction in each bite.

Candy Galore

Anyone who likes sweet things will absolutely adore the perfectly put together gift boxes and scrumptious treats offered at Tahoe Toffee Candy Co.

  • Nevada Souvenir Box: For anyone who wants to take home the memory of a vacation to Lake Tahoe can do so with a tasty treat. This delicious gift box includes 4.5 oz of Nevada shaped Toffee, with milk chocolate and chopped almonds on top. 
  • Nevada Shaped Basket: The ultimate gift basket for a sweet tooth. Bring home a little bit of everything with this 10” Nevada shaped basket. The basket includes the famous Tahoe Toffee, honeycomb, peppermint bark, and caramel corn. You can’t go wrong with this basket of treats! 
  • Tahoe Toffee: No matter if you decide on the 4 oz. or 8 oz. bag, there can never be enough of the famous Tahoe Toffee. From $5.00 for the smaller bag, and $8.00 for the big one, this bag of treats is the perfect reminder of how sweet Tahoe is. Opt for the souvenir basket for $25.00. 
  • Honey Comb: Honey comb is one of those candies that never gets old. Tahoe Toffee’s honey comb exceeds our comb expectations and leaves us with mouth watering.
  •  Caramel Corn: Whoever was the first to dip salty popcorn in sweet caramel deserves to with some kind of international award. We would rather give that award to Tahoe Toffee though, because the home recipe of this caramel corn leaves us licking our fingers. 
  • Peppermint Bark: Along with presents, snow, and hot apple cider, peppermint bark is one of those things that we wish could happen all year round. Lucky for us, Tahoe Toffee makes it possible to feel the holiday season all year round!

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