Mark Jameson

Joined: September 2018


Would not recommend to a friend

Date of stay: 8/18

Poor Experience with Buckingham Luxury Vacation Rentals

Worst property rental experience that we have ever had! As a rental property owner and frequent traveler we have dealt with property management companies both from the aspect of being the landlord and being the vacation renter. Without fail Buckingham Luxury Vacation Rentals is the worst property management company we have ever used.

The poor experience included:

• Came back to us after we signed the contract and moved into the rental and told us that they made a mistake in the contract and that we had to pay them more money than what was stated in the contract. We paid it!

• Had a leak problem in one of the showers that was leaking into the downstairs. Took days for somebody to come out, the handyman came out and stated that they had the issue previously but did nothing about it.

• The house was comfortable, but far from “luxury”! Never mind that the back stairs from the deck are falling off, just luck that nobody was hurt using.

• We were renting month-to-month and in July told them that we would keep the house through the end of September, they stated that that was fine, we paid September rent the last week of August in person and then on September 3rd they called and told us that we need to get out of the house right away because the owner wanted to use it. Evidently they forgot to tell the owner that not only had we reserved the house, but that we had also paid rent.

• Finally, when it was time to get a refund of our deposit and the September rent that had been paid, they held out more fees than what they had verbally indicated or that their contract states.

To top it all off, some guy named Paul in their office was very rude, condescending and lied! There are many good property management companies in Lake Tahoe, unfortunately we had to find out the hard way that Buckingham Luxury Vacation Rentals is not one of them!