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Make a Lake Tahoe Wedding Magical with Blooms by Martha Andrews

Submitted on: 9/16/13 | by Lindsey Carlson
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Walking down the aisle into your future is arguably the most romantic and heart-pounding milestone in someone’s life. Imagine your wedding surrounded by the perfect combination of delicately selected and creatively assembled bouquets, centerpieces and floral chandeliers. Blooms by Martha Andrews takes the cake (the wedding cake?) for absolutely stunning floral designs to make a Lake Tahoe wedding spectacular and memorable.

Based just outside of Sacramento, Martha Andrews has been making Northern California weddings special for years. Though she has a consultation office in town, Martha does most of her assembling at home (with some help from the whole family!).

From floral designs for an enchanted fairy-like wedding, to creative renditions of elegant traditional weddings, Martha is known for helping any couple envision and create a perfect wedding. She has even created stellar designs for a rock star themed wedding!

A Wedding to Remember

Martha Andrews works closely with the married couple-to-be in order to fully envision how each dream wedding is imagined. Lake Tahoe weddings have a special something about them, if it’s the pristine nature, the sparkling lake, or the clean crisp air, we don’t know, but we do know that the magic of a Lake Tahoe wedding deserves the most beautiful flowers.

  • Flower Services: Everything that a wedding needs in terms of flowers, Martha can do. She will take care of reception and ceremony flowers, corsages and boutonnieres! And of course the star of the ball, the bridal bouquet.
  • Rentals: From hanging votives to rustic vases and ceremony structures, Martha has all the incredible embellishments you will need to create a wedding made it heaven. With beautiful vintage pieces and elegant crystal candle holders, Martha has quite the collection when it comes to wedding pieces.
  • Signature Bouquet: Though it seems she can put together just about anything, Martha Andrews has come up with a spectacular design for the bridal flowers. A gorgeous bouquet with a chandelier of hanging crystals adorned with smaller flower clusters puts a new and creative twist to traditional bouquets.

Blooms by Martha Andrews
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