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Best Casino in North Lake Tahoe

If you want to stay at a casino in North Lake Tahoe, this is definitely the only one I would recommend. The other North Lake Tahoe casinos are really old, run down and dirty. But this one is actually really nice. It sits a little farther away from the other North Lake casinos (they’re all right next to each other), but this is well worth being farther away.

The Hyatt Regency is super nice. It’s a lot bigger then it looks. They have several really good restaurants in the hotel, so you don’t need to leave to eat. The casino is really nice and always seems to be very lively. It’s never empty like the other North Lake casinos.

The Hyatt is also right on the water. So you can just walk from your hotel room to the lake, which is so convenient, especially in the summer. But if you are there in the winter, they offer free shuttles to a few different ski resorts!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this place, especially if you’re wanting to stay in North Lake Tahoe. In my opinion, South Lake Tahoe is better, but as far as North Lake goes, this is the place to be.