Joey McCoy

Joined: August 2011


Would recommend to a friend

Date of visit: 3/12

A Great Spot to Begin or End your Night

As far as center bars in casinos go, this is a good one. It’s a favorite place for locals. One of those places where you go at the beginning or end of the night. It gets pretty busy later in the night, especially on weekends.

One of the best things though is that they have cheap drinks: beers for just $1.50! And the seating arrangement is pretty nice because you can sit up at the bar with the video poker machines or there is more lounge style seating circling the bar. There’s a nice fire pit in the middle of the bar and the ambiance is pretty trendy. The one thing I do have to say is that I didn’t think the bartenders were very good at all. Actually, I thought they were quite strange to be honest. But other then that, it’s a chill place. Definitely a good spot to hit up before going over to Opal next door or something. In fact, they even let us bring our cheaper drinks from HQ’s into the nightclub. I’d definitely recommend doing that to save a few bucks.