Joey McCoy

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Date of stay: 3/12

It has everything you could need right in the hotel

Harrah’s is actually a pretty nice hotel. I believe its the largest of the casinos in South Lake Tahoe. Its casino is pretty nice. There’s always people playing table games and the hotel just seems to be alive.

Harrah’s has just about everything you could want at the hotel. They have a bunch of restaurants in the hotel, but the two on the top floor of the hotel are the ones I’d recommend. The Buffet at the top is really nice and actually affordable. It’s about $20 a person and there’s tons of food to chose from. Then there’s Friday’s Station, which is more of a fine dining restaurant, and the views of the lake here are killer. This is a good place to do that one fancy dinner during your vacation.

Harrah’s also has a nice arcade for the kids. It has shops, and it even has a nightclub. So there’s pretty much something for everyone here.

I actually prefer the Montbleu, which is right next door to Harrah’s. It’s a more trendy and stylish place to hang out. But if you’re staying at Harrah’s, you can easily just walk over to the Montbleu if you want. So this wouldn’t be my top choice of casinos to stay at, but it’s not a bad place at all. Oh and be sure to ask for a room with a lake view!