Joey McCoy

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Would recommend to a friend

Date of stay: 3/12

Great buffet, great views

We really wanted to go somewhere in Lake Tahoe with a view, and my friend recommended the Forest Buffet. It’s a pretty affordable place, about $20 a person, and it’s on the top floor of Harrah’s with floor to ceiling windows that overlook the lake and the base of Heavenly. We got so lucky, because we got sat at a table right up against the window! The views were awesome!

The buffet has pretty good food too. They have a little bit of every, so everyone will be happy with something. I attempted to try everything, but I just got way too full before I could, so I pretty much missed the whole Chinese section. But save room for dessert, because there’s a really good dessert bar too. I’m not always the biggest fan of buffets, but this one was really good. Plus, it’s kind of fun to try everything. It’s not that expensive and there are great views! Definitely a place I’d recommend for dinner, especially if you’re staying at one of the casinos nearby.