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I was lucky enough to take a half day fishing charter with Gerald at Sierra Fin Addicts back in June. I feel like in the past 20+ years of visiting Lake Tahoe, I have taken in most of what it has to offer. My half day charter with Sierra Fin Addicts is at the top of my list of most memorable and fun things I have done in Tahoe. Catching your limit in fishing is never a guarantee. What is a guarantee with Sierra Fin Addicts is that Gerald will work his tail off to make sure you have fun. He is non stop on the go checking with other guides, adjusting his lines, moving to new spots, and watching his fish finder to ensure his guests have the best chances of putting fish on the boat. Gerald was extremely personable throughout the trip as well. He takes an interest in his guests and shares tales of his fishing around the world. It was like hanging out with a good friend, having a beer, and chatting it up. I had such a great time, I came back a couple weeks later. I'm writing this review after my second trip with Gerald at Sierra Fin Addicts. The second trip was just as memorable. Imagine looking to your right and watching a beautiful full moon sink behind the mountains, then looking to your left and watching an equally beautiful sunrise spill its reflection across the lake within minutes. We didn't catch our limit this time around, but we were only two fish away with plenty of action, conversation, laughs, and good company. I can't give a big enough compliment to Gerald and his company than to keep coming back. Which is exactly what I plan on doing. Whether you're an experienced angler that wants to do it all yourself or a novice just looking for a fun time, I hope you get a chance to take a charter with Gerald. Sierra Fin Addicts wont disappoint. Thanks for the Mackinaw fish tacos recipe Gerald!