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Great Tahoe fishing trip!

After visiting Tahoe for many years during the winter season my family and I finally decided to try our luck on a Lake Tahoe fishing charter. We met our guide, Capt Gerald, first thing in the AM and were pleasantly surprised not only by how nice his boat was, but also that he had a fully heated enclosed seating area.
He has a very fast boat and it only took us 10 min or so to get to the first fishing spot where we fishing for Mackinaw. Here we trolled deep and quickly were hooking and catching fish. We fished with a special spoon that Gerald makes and had 9 Mackinaw in the boat within the first 2 1/2 hrs. Our biggest one was about 7 lbs, which my son caught.
From here we crossed the lake and tried another technique for trout. Gerald said that the water was on the cold side and that it may be slow, but we still gave it a try. We trolled with bait and caught 4 Rainbow trout before we had to call it a day. All and all my family and I had a great day on the lake and we had some nice fillets to take to one of the local restaurant for dinner.
I would recommend this outfit to anyone! Gerald is a very professional and knowledgeable captain who is great / patient with kids and his boat & equipment are top notch as well. Great Lake Tahoe guide service!!