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Dog Friendly Places in Lake Tahoe

Submitted on: 10/20/23 | by Lindsey Carlson
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Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to explore the outdoors on a summer vacation, or any season really. When you're out in the woods, on the beach or cozied up in your rental cabin, there's always just one thing missing - your best friend! But you don't have to leave your dog behind on your next vacation, because there are plenty of pet friendly things to do in Lake Tahoe that you were probably going to be doing already!

Your next Lake Tahoe vacation can be even better than the last when you bring the entire family, even the furry ones! Well, dad was always allowed, but we're referring to the family dog. Strolling on the beaches, hiking through the beautiful terrains and even dining out can all be enjoyed with your pooch by your side, as it should be!

Dog Friendly Beaches in Lake Tahoe

  • Kiva Beach is the best dog friendly beach in South Lake Tahoe. It's probably the best dog friendly beach in all of Lake Tahoe actually because it's a real beach. Your dog will end up a sandy mess, but that's the price you pay for taking them to a sandy beach. Unfortunately your dog is not allowed to be off the leash here, unless they're in the water. As soon as they are paws on land again, the leash goes on or you're looking at a hefty ticket, which is no way to end a day at the beach on vacation! Kiva Beach is peaceful by mornings and crowded by day, but both are enjoyable depending on what you're in the mood for. Parking is free and there are beautiful views of Tallac and the Lake.
  • Fallen Leaf Lake is the perfect spot for sitting on the lakeshore or hiking through the nearby trails. While the parking lot appears almost full and you expect little to no space of your own, guess again! Most of the people will be out hiking, so there is plenty of room for you and your party to pick a spot in the sand, play in the water and hike without being disturbed by everyone else's loud music or conversations. Fallen Leaf Lake is tranquil and enjoyable, but still the kind of place you can kick your shoes off and have a good time.
  • Coon Street Beach in Kings Beach is a little dog "beach" with picnic tables, grills and even bathrooms! It's not huge, but it's popular and pretty, and your dog is sure to make a few vacation friends. Beware of the pebbly terrain though, this is not your typical sandy beach. This is not the ideal spot for sunbathing or diving, but your dog will like splashing around in the shallow waters, and you can join him in there as well.


  • Scraps Dog Bakery in Kings Beach is a dog friendly bakery full of goodies for your dog to sample until he finds something he wants to go home with. The shop is full of great toys, gourmet dog treats and everyone that works there is full of good advice. There's a dog who works there too, so you know the place is in good hands! Well, paws, that is.

Pet Friendly Lake Tahoe Restaurants with Patios

  • The Burger Lounge in South Lake Tahoe has a great patio and food to match, but hit up the ATM before you get here, because this place is cash only. They love their canine patrons just as much as their people patrons, and everyone gets their own water! Expect a little bit of a wait, because the restaurant isn't large, but the burgers and pesto fries make your wait more than worthwhile in the end!
  • Murphy's Irish Pub and Rockwater Restaurant in South Lake Tahoe is good for a nice lunch on the porch with your pooch, happy hour or even a wedding! Grab their "Full Monty" burger with a side of garlic fries, we can assure you there will be no leftovers if it's up to someone! Happy hour is every weekday from 3-7pm.
  • T's Mesquite Rotisserie is another cash only venue, but this cheap Mexican food in Incline Village Lake Tahoe makes for the perfect outdoor lunch! No tequila here though, so perhaps a Corona instead of a margarita this time. Be sure to get a tasty burrito, try the green salsa and the tri tip is a locals' favorite!
  • Rude Brothers Bagel and Coffee Haus in South Lake Tahoe has some of the best bagels around, and they are friendly, despite the names. The line can often be out the door for your bagel or bagel sandwiches, but nobody will be disappointed with the wait here.
  • The Bridgetender in Tahoe City is right across from the "Fanny Bridge" right on the Truckee River, but you should probably get your fanny over for a burger here. The elk burger with blueberry BBQ sauce tastes... different, but it's different in the best possible way there is!

Many of Lake Tahoe's restaurants have patios for summer dining with your dog on a beautiful day, so you're not limited to just these. Even places like Starbucks, Quiznos and Jamba Juice have an outdoor space for enjoying the sun with something quick and easy. For those of you who come to Lake Tahoe for more than a meal or trip to the beach, check out some of the great Lake Tahoe hikes, many of which are dog friendly and the pet friendly vacation rentals in Tahoe. What are your favorite things to do with your pet in Lake Tahoe? Let us know by joining us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!