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Would not recommend to a friend

Date of visit: 3/13

Terrible! Don't go here!!!

My husband and I were up in Incline Village today for a nice date. We decided to have dinner at a local place called Crosby's in the Christmas Tree Village Plaza. DO NOT EAT HERE!!!! EVER!!!! The food was inedible, the service was terrible and my glass had a giant old piece of lettuce and a glob of some gooey substance in it. I had ordered the "Petaluma" which is a sandwich with your choice of chicken, egg or tuna salad (a choice of two). When I received my sandwich, (which, by the way, was handed to me by our waitress right after she had just walked in from a break outside and DIDN'T wash her hands) the egg salad was swimming in mayo and the chicken salad was dry and smelled rancid. Needless to say, I did not eat it. After my meal I calmly asked if I could speak to a manager. I was told that they were not available as they had gone home for the day. Which is odd that a manager would not be in the building during business hours, especially on a busy Friday night. So I asked for their names so I could call tomorrow. The waitress, who provided little to no service, gave me the names and walked away. I was getting ready to pay the bill when another waitress came over to the table and said, "yeah, so what's the problem here?" I explained the situation with the dirty glass and the food. To which she replied, "we have had complaints about our food before. Don't take it out on the waitress!" All I did was calmly ask for the manager's names when I spoke to the first waitress. She then proceeded to tell me that the waitress didn't see the lettuce in the glass because it is dark where they pour the drinks and they can't see. She then said, "it's OK, I have served drinks with a whole piece of old cilantro in the glass before." And this is OK? The final icing on the cake was when this waitress, in front of a dining room full of customers, YELLED at the cook from the serving window about using too much mayo. So, if you are up in Incline Village, do yourself a favor and SKIP Crosby's... Trust me, you won't be missing anything