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Best Views in all of Lake Tahoe!

I’m a huge skier and love nothing more than being up on the slopes. Heavenly may not only be one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever skied, but it’s also one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been in my life.

There are a couple ways of getting up the mountain, but the most beautiful way is to take the gondola, which is right in the middle of South Lake Tahoe. You can actually walk to it from many of the hotels in South Lake. The ride of the gondola is so scenic! In fact, I’d recommend taking it even during the summer if you’re not going to ski. There’s a scenic lookout point halfway up the mountain from non skiers.

Skiing Heavenly is mostly so cool because it has panoramic views of the lake on top. While you’re skiing down it’s just all lake views. Plus, the mountain is huge! The stateline of California and Nevada actually crosses through Heavenly. So you can either ski on the California or Nevada side and it’s all connected. The California side is more scenic though.

The actually skiing itself is pretty good. There are actually better places for skiing in Lake Tahoe (if you’re more advanced), but there is no place to ski with better views than Heavenly. You have to go here for the scenery alone. I can’t stress enough, if you’re skiing in Lake Tahoe, this is the number one spot to hit!