Sheridan Creek Equestrian Ctr


551 Centerville Lane
Gardnerville, NV
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Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center offers private lessons and trailing riding in Lake Tahoe


Features: The Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Lake Tahoe offers private horseback riding lessons, private trail rides and summer camps. CEO Else Donnell and Director Kristen Roberson work with every rider's skills to improve his or her abilities, but they also give everyone on vacation a fun experience and new way to explore Lake Tahoe. Whether you're here to learn or just horsin' around on the trails, these beautiful horses can make this one of the best trips to the lake you've ever had! With such a wide range of equestrian services, the Sheridan Creek Center is our favorite place to go for all things horse-related around the Lake Tahoe area.

Why We Go: The Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Lake Tahoe offers private trail rides, horseback riding lessons that set them apart from other Lake Tahoe horse back riding locations. Sheridan Creek also holds exciting summer camps for anyone visiting beautiful Lake Tahoe for an extended amount of time!

  • Trail Riding: Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Tahoe offers private trail rides that allow you to go exploring so many fields and trails of beautiful Lake Tahoe by horseback! How often do you get to see such a wonderful place while riding a beautiful horse like the ones they have at Sheridan Creek? Who knows, you might even make a new best friend! 
  • Sight Seeing From a New Perspective: When you go horseback riding in Lake Tahoe, you get to see all of the beautiful parts of Lake Tahoe that you miss when you're driving around in a car or on a tour, and you don't wear yourself out walking around to see it all either! These trail rides offer the opportunity to get out in the open air and see gorgeous sights you couldn't see any other way.
  • Riding Lessons: The Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Tahoe offers several different kind of private riding lessons to a variety of skill levels in dressage, western and jumping. Whether this is your first time on a horse or you've been riding for years, these lessons are always fun!

Inside Knowledge: Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Lake Tahoe also has horses for sale or lease if you're in the market. Check their website or ask one of the trainers which of the horses might be right for your needs.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Take a Private Lesson: Else Donnell and Kristen Roberson are both highly trained professionals working at Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Lake Tahoe, and can give horseback riding lessons to people of all ages and skill levels.
  • Do Bring Your Camera: This Lake Tahoe equestrian center has so many stunning horses, so make sure to take your picture with the one you get to ride to show to everyone back home!
  • Don't Miss a Trail: The trails near Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Tahoe are beautiful and it's way more exciting and pleasant to explore them on horseback than on foot. The trails are an affordable way to see the beautiful lands of Lake Tahoe and get to ride a horse at the same time!
  • Don't Ignore Your Trainer: All the trainers at Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Lake Tahoe know what they're talking about and are telling you what to do for a reason. Don't ignore them or something could go wrong and you or your horse could end up getting hurt.

Sheridan Creek Equestrian Ctr

Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Gardnerville NV Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Horseback Riding Nevada Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Lake Tahoe CA Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Gardnerville Nevada

Sheridan Creek Equestrian Ctr Information


Hours Vary

When to Go:
The summer is a beautiful time for horseback riding in Lake Tahoe.

Age Restriction:
Old enough to ride safely. (Approx. 4 and up).



Quick Facts

  • The Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Lake Tahoe offers private trail rides and lessons to children and adults at all riding levels.
  • Kristen Roberson is the director of Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Tahoe and she teaches lower level dressage, western and jumping lessons.
  • If taking a riding lesson isn't for you, no problem! You and your group can book a private trail ride or send your kids to summer camp at the Sheridan Creek Equestrian Center Lake Tahoe.

551 Centerville Lane
Gardnerville, NV 89460
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