Joey McCoy

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Would recommend to a friend

Date of stay: 3/12

They have an awesome happy hour!

Riva Grill is a pretty awesome place, and I would definitely recommend it! We went for their happy hour on Friday, which is a really popular locals spot. They had cheap drinks and cheap tacos. It was something like $3 for a fish taco, and they were delicious! During their happy hour, every time you ordered anything you were given a raffle ticket, and they had a prize winner every 30 minutes. I never won anything, but it was still really fun. Then once happy hour was over at 11pm, everyone seemed to move along to the casinos to party.

Riva has a great vibe too. It sits right up against the water, so during the day you have a great view of the lake. The one thing bad thing that I would have to say is that the service was pretty bad. We sat at the bar and the bartender was rude to say the least. I try to never complain about service, since I used to be a server, but this was really bad. Other than that though, everything was great. Fun atmosphere, good food, strong drinks and it was super cheap. What more could you ask for?